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On TV we often hear of hackers easily breaking into anyone’s computers, and this can generate more of a concern among users who are naturally anxious or fearful for their privacy. Unfortunately, this danger is not so remote: hackers can really take total control of our computer or portable device (smartphone or tablet) and, with appropriate tricks, turn on the video camera or webcam, without us being able to notice it.
For this reason, we have decided to make a complete guide in which we will show you how to tell if someone is spying on the camera, looking at both computers and popular portable devices.READ ALSO: Protect your PC’s webcam and microphone to avoid being spied on

We assume that, if the hacker is really good, we will not notice anything even by checking every corner of our PC or our smartphone: the best ones really manage to hide the tracks like no one in the world. If the breach occurred via an installed app, malware, or program, we can put an end to spying by removing permissions from the suspicious app or uninstalling the app that spies on us.

Check to see if the PC webcam has been hacked

First of all, let’s do three basic checks to see if the webcam is being used without our knowledge:
1) Check the webcam indicator light: If the light next to the webcam is on even when it is not in use, there is a chance that someone is watching. Keep in mind, however, that it is easy for malware or an app to spy on the webcam without turning on the LED indicator.
2) Webcam already in use: If trying to open an app that uses the webcam, you get the error that it is already in use, find what is using it.
3) Control over saved video and audio: If in the webcam recordings folder there are any videos or audio files that we did not make, then we have been hacked.
If we are afraid that someone is spying on us with the webcam of our computer we can then check which apps have access permissions to the webcam by taking us to the Start menu at the bottom left, opening the app Settings by clicking on the menu Privacy and finally opening the menu Camera.
Windows camera

Let’s scroll through the window that opens until we find the section Allow desktop apps to access the camera and check which programs are included. Usually, we will find third-party browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and a few other apps on this screen, but if we notice some suspicious applications we immediately remove the checkmark from the switch Activated present in the same section and let’s go to the path of the application so that we can uninstall it.
In case of problems in deactivating some process or some malware, we can clean the system by reading the tips seen in our guide How to remove malware and viruses from infected computers.
It is also very important to Check browser add-ons. If restarting the computer and then opening one of the commonly used browsers (Chome, Firefox, or Edge), the webcam light comes on automatically, there is a browser add-on that is using it. To find out which one, you will need to remove all extensions one by one.

What to do if the webcam is spied on or hacked

1) Turn off the webcam immediately: This is the first effective step to prevent webcam hacking. Then disconnect the webcam from the computer or, if it is integrated into the monitor, disable it from the settings or press the right mouse button on the Windows 10 Start menu, go to Device management, locate the webcam, and right-click on it to disable it.
2) Keep the Windows firewall active, going in Settings > Update and security > Windows security > Firewall and Network Protection.
3) Run a virus scan, with Malwarebytes or other antimalware.
4) Change all passwords of compromised accounts, as explained in another guide.
5) Do not use the webcam if connected to a public network. If so, rely on a VPN to secure your connection.

How to check if the camera on Android is spied on

Identifying spy apps on an Android device may not be that simple, as many hackers exploit deceptive apps, malware is hidden inside legitimate apps, and hacks that take advantage of the phone’s administrative permissions.
To carry out all the necessary checks, let’s go to Settings> Security> Device administrators (or alternatively on Privacy -> App with special access -> Device administration app) and check which apps have administration permissions.
Android administrator

If we find any strange app active on this screen, we are most likely spied on by some hacker, who now has complete control of the device (even spying via the front camera or the rear camera).
To solve this, we remove the checkmark from the suspicious app activated as administrative, identify the app name, and uninstall it from our device as we do for any other app.
The thing gets worse if we also have superuser (root) permissions active on the phone: in this case, the malicious app could take administrative permissions at any time, without our intervention.
In this regard, it is always advisable to check the superuser permissions management app (SuperSU or Magisk), so as to check if there is any suspicious app that shouldn’t be there.

Finally, we recommend that you take a periodic look at the screen in Settings -> Privacy -> Permission Management -> Camera, so as to check which apps have permission to access the camera.
Android camera

If we notice something suspicious just open the app and deny permission to access the camera.
For more details, we advise you to read our guide Authorize application permissions on Android.

How to spot spy apps on iPhone and iPad

On iPhones and iPods, it’s harder to spy on the camera, as apps can only be installed from the App Store (where they are all controlled).
In any case, we can check if there are spy apps or parental control apps (used as spy apps) that access the camera by taking us to the path Settings> Privacy> Camera.
iOS camera

If we notice suspicious apps on this screen, remove the checkmark next to the name of the app and proceed to uninstall it, as also seen in our guide How to Free Up Space on iPhone.

Another method used to spy on the camera on the iPhone and iPad involves the use of custom VPN profiles, which the user rarely notices. To carry out this type of check, let’s take the path Settings -> General -> VPN.

If there are any strange active VPN profiles, it is best to delete everything as a precaution, so as to reduce the risk of being spied on without our consent.


By carefully reading the guide we will be able to intercept all the spy apps that allow you to activate the camera of our device and spy on us without our consent. As already mentioned, most hackers are able to hide their tracks well and spy on us even if we always check the screens seen in this guide; to protect ourselves we must necessarily use good antimalware and always update our operating system.

To increase the protection against hackers on your PC, we recommend that you read our guides Anti Hacker programs and tools is Best Anti-malware to find even hidden spyware.
If instead, we want to protect our Android device from all types of threats, we suggest you read our in-depth analysis How to protect Android from malware and malicious apps, viruses, and spies.


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