Find out what Facebook knows about you by downloading the profile archive

The storm in which Facebook entered due to privacy issues that came up with the problem of Cambridge Analytica, personal data collection and profiling, used for commercial and electoral purposes by third-party companies, is certainly not over.
In these days another discovery has aroused surprise and concern: the fact that the Facebook app on old Android smartphones has recorded SMS messages sent from the phone.
It is true that the Messenger app asks for various user permissions, including that of managing phone calls and messages, but another account is keeping them stored on its servers to manage advertising campaigns or internal experiments.
While this no longer happens on new Android smartphones, it is still possible that Facebook has captured personal data from our phone that we would not have liked to give it.
It's possible know what data Facebook has recorded about us by downloading the personal archive.

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To download Facebook data, as already written in the past, it is only necessary to go to the page and press on the link below Download a copy.
On the following page you must confirm the request by entering the Facebook account password.
After a while an e-mail will be received with the confirmation of the request and a link where you can read further information on the type of data that you will download.
It will be necessary, however, to wait a few hours before Facebook sends a second email with the archive download link in the form of a ZIP file.
The ZIP file of the Facebook archive it could be quite large depending on how much Facebook was used during these years, with a big download even 200 or 300 MB if there are a lot of photos and videos.

Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, right-click on it to extract the archive into a folder.
Inside this folder there is an index.htm file that starts exploring the data, organized by categories through a menu.
The most interesting and least discounted parts of this Facebook data archive I'm definitely:
– the section of the Contact info, with all the numbers and email addresses of friends and anyone we dealt with.
– the section of the Friends, with the friends list, the friendships required, the names of those who refused us, the friendships removed.
Messages, with all conversations and private messages exchanged with people via Messenger and Facebook chat, including voice messages.
Advertisements, with information on advertising topics.

The Facebook data archive includes everything that was recorded by the site and by the application since we registered, both data we entered and those extracted from the smartphone.
For example, thanks to Messenger, we can see how Facebook has registered and saved our phone book in its servers and also chats, private messages, searches made and the entire activity log, full of personal information.
As for contacts, we've already seen how to delete contacts and shared numbers on Facebook.

How much was downloaded, that's not all that Facebook knows about us and our friends, but only a part.
As seen in another article, you can find out who you are for the Facebook algorithm using a Chrome application called Data Selfie, which shows us everything that Facebook records while you're on your site.
Not to mention the fact that Facebook records all our preferences for advertising purposes, with a hidden option to prevent it.


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