Codes and tricks to discover the complete index of Netflix categories, tags and sites where to search for movies and TV series

Discover Netflix movies

Netflix is ​​a point of reference for the use of high-quality streaming content, also thanks to exclusive TV series (the real workhorse of the service) and a good collection of films from all eras (from old films to more recent films ).

If we have landed on the Netflix homepage for the first time and had difficulty finding a particular film or film genre, in this guide we will show you how to find what to watch on netflix without having to search for them manually, so you can follow your passion constantly and avoid movies or content that you don’t like.

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1) Preferences and categories on Netflix

genres are Netflix Those who have subscribed to Netflix can immediately use the category tags on this platform: under the title of each film or TV series there are two or more tags related to the genre or type of content, as visible in the image below. Bass.

By clicking on the genres we will be able to see all the films or TV series that use a similar tag, so as to always and only see content that we like or that are close to our tastes, avoiding having to see TV series or films in the home that we do not appreciate. We can help Netflix understand our personal tastes by placing a “like” or “dislike” under each piece of content (or at the end of an episode or season).

Over the time Netflix will only show TV series and movies that match our preferences based on these feedbacks.

Netflix is ​​also able to understand each user’s preferences based on the history of movies or TV shows watchedwhich can be managed by going to the account page, then clicking on the profile used and on Viewing activity. You can also delete items in your history here that you don’t want to keep in the list.

When, then, you don’t really know what to see and you don’t want to try too hard in searches, you can use the function Shuffles on Netflix, the one that randomly suggests a movie or a TV series, always based on profile habits and preferences. This function, available only on TVs, is activated by pressing the key Play something on the main page.

2) List of hidden genres on Netflix

After seeing how to use Netflix tags and keys to find valuable content, we’re going to reveal one of Netflix’s most ingenious tricks: the secret categories. These categories can be recalled from a PC or from any web browser by changing the following link:[categoria-segreta]

in the place of [categoria-segreta] we will have to enter a specific numeric code, so as to open to the display of content of a specific genre. We’ve collected all the codes for Netflix’s secret categories below:

The codes to access the Netflix categories are:

  • Action & Adventure: 1365
  • Classic Movies: 31574
  • Comedies: 6548
  • Dramas: 5763
  • Film horror: 8711
  • Romantic movies: 8883
  • Science fiction and fantasy: 1492
  • Sports Movies: 4370
  • Thriller: 8933
  • Documentaries: 6839
  • TV programs and series: 83
  • TV shows for teenagers: 60951
  • Films for children and families: 783
  • Anime: 7424
  • Independent film: 7077
  • Foreign films: 7462
  • Musica: 1701

Let’s start looking in the great categories of Netflix our new movies and TV series and, if necessary, we refine the search with the codes shown in the following chapter.

3) More genre and style codes on Netflix

In addition to the codes for the movie categories, we can use secret codes for genres and subcategories, so as to refine the search for new TV series and movies to watch on Netflix. The codes to use are:

  • Classic Action & Adventure: 46576
  • Spy Action & Adventure: 10702
  • Adventure: 7442
  • Science fiction and fantasy action: 1568
  • Action comedies: 43040
  • Asian Action Movies: 77232
  • Martial arts movies: 8985
  • Action Thrillers: 43048
  • Comic book and superhero movies: 10118
  • Western: 7700
  • Film black: 7687
  • Classic War Movies: 48744
  • Epics: 52858
  • Classic musical comedy: 32392
  • Classic Comedies: 31694
  • Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy: 47147
  • Classic Romance Movies: 31273
  • Classic Westerns: 47465
  • Comedies for teenagers: 3519
  • Anime comedies: 9302
  • Sitcom: 9702
  • Black comedies: 869
  • Musical comedies: 13335
  • Fake documentaries: 26
  • Parody: 4922
  • Political comedies: 2700
  • Romantic Comedies: 5475
  • Dramas based on true events: 3653
  • Biographical dramas: 3179
  • Dramatic social issues: 3947
  • Political dramas: 6616
  • Crime dramas and thrillers: 6889
  • Commedia horror: 89585
  • Film sui serial killer: 8646
  • Monster movies: 947
  • Horror cult: 10944
  • The horror of the mannar wolf: 75930
  • Vampire horror: 75804
  • Zombie horror movies: 75405
  • Supernatural Horror Movies: 42023
  • Eccentric romantics: 36103
  • Romantic foreign films: 7153
  • Sexy romantic movies: 35800
  • Alien and extraterrestrial science fiction: 3327
  • Sci-Fi Horror Movies: 1694
  • Science fiction and cult fantasy: 4734
  • Sci-Fi Thrillers: 11014
  • Science fiction and action fantasy: 1568
  • Science fiction adventures: 6926
  • Martial arts, boxing and wrestling: 6695
  • Sport e fitness: 9327
  • Sports dramas: 7243
  • boxing movies: 12443
  • Movies on gangsters: 31851
  • Mystery: 9994
  • Spy Thrillers: 9147
  • Crime thrillers: 10499
  • Politicians: 10504
  • Psychological Thrillers: 5505
  • Supernatural Thrillers: 11140
  • Scientific and naturalistic documentaries: 2595
  • Music documentaries and concerts: 90361
  • Animal stories for children: 5507
  • TV cartoons: 11177
  • Educational programs for children: 10659
  • Family Movies: 51056
  • Movies based on children’s books: 10056
  • Children’s TV: 27346
  • Action Anime: 2653
  • Anime feature films: 3063
  • Anime fantasy: 11146
  • Comedy anime: 9302
  • Anime series: 6721

It is difficult to imagine a more complete collection of codes, which we will endeavor to keep updated as we discover new secret codes.

4) Other methods to find out what to watch on Netflix

JustWatch A good method to search if a specific film or TV series is present on the platform, in addition to using the search bar of the Netflix app, involves the use of an app such as JustWatchavailable free since Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

With JustWatch we can find where a specific TV series is broadcast or where we can find a film and, if present on Netflix, just tap on the icon of the streaming service to open it immediately within the Netflix app and start watching. In addition to searching for movies, it also allows you to see content similar to that already searched for or that you like, so you can discover new content.

Alternatively we can also use a But the Telegram to find new Netflix content; among the best we can try we point out NetflixNewsBot.

If we have never heard of Telegram Bots we can also read our guide 30 best automatic and multifunctional Telegram bots.


Netflix can be a truly personalized television service, where we are the generators of the personalized schedule: we choose which movies or TV series to watch and, taking advantage of the tags and advice seen above, we continue to see only the content we likeso as to take full advantage of the subscription.

To learn more, we can also read our guides on Netflix tricks with Chrome extensions come on how to unblock 4K UHD on Netflix.


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