Best sites to search and find videos not only from Youtube and to share the most beautiful ones.

Video InternetIt seems easy to find videos on the internet but only if you limit the search to a website or without wanting to go to the bottom. If it occurs to you to watch funny videos, music videos or sports or football videos, or from movies and TV, the first site to look for is YouTube which represents the largest online video resource on the internet. But YouTube is not the only way to find videos online: maybe some videos have been removed from the famous portal or are not available due to the severe restrictions that Google imposes, so it is highly likely that even a famous video can be found on other websites. dedicated to videos.Let’s see together how to search for popular videos and find all the videos present in the various sites similar to YouTube, so that we can broaden our search and always find the video we were looking for on the Internet, without necessarily having to rely on YouTube.

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How to search for videos on the Internet

To search for a video, in particular, to find deleted videos from YouTube and find the funniest videos on the net, we recommend you try the sites below, which work both as global video search engines and as real hosting sites. for videos, often with fewer restrictions than those imposed by YouTube.

Bing Video

The first site we recommend you try to search for online videos on the internet is Bing Video, available from the official website.

Bing allows you to select videos based on the source they come from, so as to immediately view the videos on YouTube or other sites (we can also avoid showing YouTube results and only show alternative sites). Bing also allows you to access the videos present on the classic international multimedia portals, so as to also find those in English or in other languages.

Ricerca video Yahoo

The simplest and most immediate search engine for videos is without a doubt Yahoo!, which offers a completely empty and bare site that closely resembles the first Google; we can access this version of the site from the official page.

Yahoo Video allows you to search online videos with aggregated results from various sources, including Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion, Metacafe, and others. After starting the search we can set a filter to select videos based on the source and duration of the videos. The videos can be viewed directly from the Yahoo site, without having to open the content page, so as to avoid unwanted tracking or clicks.


Among the best search engines for videos deleted from YouTube or not found on the web we find DuckDuckGo, accessible from the official website.

This browser does not track users and allows you to search for any video quickly and accurately, without necessarily having to use Google. To search for videos, enter the name of the video or the type of content we are looking for, press Enter or Enter on the keyboard and, as soon as the search results appear, press the top of the Video menu to immediately see the selection of corresponding videos, including many videos normally untraceable because they were deleted from YouTube and moved to other more permissive sites.

Fagan Finder

An interesting site with several search engines for videos is Fagan Finder, accessible from the official website.
Fagan Finder

Faganfinder is a site that collects all video search sites and just selects the ones you want and then does a search on all of them. We can choose between various filters, engines, and YouTube settings (for example we can also include videos not included in the list but public), Facebook and social videos, so as to be able to generate a 360-degree search in the world of the Internet and find the video we were looking for, often with better accuracy than the best general search engines.

Petey Vid

Another very useful site for finding online videos on the internet is Petey Vid, available from the official website.
Petey Vid

Using this site we will be able to search for new videos from over 70 hosting platforms, excluding YouTube as a source. In fact, this search engine ignores the results on YouTube, so as to offer all users a valid and effective search engine in finding unobtainable videos or videos that have been removed from YouTube in the past, apparently without leaving a trace.

Google Video

For many, the real alternative to YouTube is Google Video, a separate section of the famous search engine available from the official website.
Google Video

Google Video prefers YouTube results but, by properly setting the filters and settings offered immediately below the search bar, it manages to find the videos we are looking for even from very famous Italian sources such as Rai and Mediaset, Dailymotion and Repubblica, Youreporter and others. This site is a real point of reference for many users, but it is not particularly suitable for finding videos that have already been deleted from YouTube or that have in the past violated the terms of use of Google services.


The most popular YouTube alternative site is definitely Vimeo, accessible from the official website.

Most of the videos not present on YouTube end here since the site is much more permissive on the type of video we can see and view. The videos on Vimeo are unique and difficult to find on other sites: for this reason we recommend that you add them to your favorites, so that you can always start searching for special videos or videos that cannot be found on the web.


The first truly alternative site to YouTube is DailyMotion, available from the official website.

The site has many reliable sources (including Italian) and has quickly become the place to find all the videos not present on YouTube, so you can always see them without limits and without any warning window or restrictions. The goals of football matches are often uploaded to this site after a few seconds from their realization: with apps like Sofascore we can always find these videos, so you can practically see the goals scored by your favorite team live.


With all the resources that we have shown you in this guide we can search for any video online, going beyond the usual search engines. Online videos are often not accessible with Google, so it is best to always keep this article handy and, when we need to find a deleted or inaccessible video, we use these tools to see if the video is present on some other hosting.

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