Firefox 118.0.2: what changes with the latest version of the browser

Among many browser In circulation, Mozilla Firefox it is one of the most underrated.

Compared to many other competing software, in fact, it offers a high standard of security, adequately protecting the user from the point of view of privacy, spyware e malware. Although it currently represents only a small segment of the market, it is without a doubt a more than valid alternative.

In this sense, the release of Firefox 118.0.2 it does nothing but consolidate the browser’s position. As reported by changelog present on the official website, the developers have worked on different fronts, trying to improve the program from different points of view.

The changes made resolve various issues, such as those related to print some SVG images and the failure to load the games on the site

With the release of Firefox 118.0.2 bugs fixed and greater stability

Other bugs fixed by Mozilla developers concern problems related toauthentication con CORS XHR and failure to reproduce video WebRTC h264.

The team also intervened to correct two bugs that were going to negatively affect the browser translator. Finally, the developers also intervened side stability fixing three previously reported bugs with codes 185199117993261856637.

Although Firefox 118.0.2 does not introduce any kind of revolution, these changes seem to make the browser even more reliable than before. However, it should be remembered that even the other competitors are not sitting idle.

About a month ago, with the release of Edge 116, Microsoft wanted to work in the context of security (and not only). Also Operawith her version 9.21 released a few days ago, it has demonstrated its desire to keep up with the large competition.


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