Firefox could become a PDF editor.  Improved tab management

Over the last while, web browsers seem to be competing on adding as many features as possible. There are essentially two schools of thought: there are those who prefer a browser that only acts as a browser and those who, instead, given the central role that the program used to surf the web, does not disdain the introduction of additional features. Until today, Firefox he had somewhat removed himself from this mechanism.

Mozilla browser PDF document editor, or almost

Per view a PDF document For years, “ad hoc” software has no longer been necessary: ​​the browser is sufficient. Indeed, the program used to consult Web pages can be used to export individual pages of the PDF document, to create a new document with multiple side-by-side pages, to generate a grayscale PDF. Simply select the print function (usually accessible by pressing CTRL+P) then send the pages you are interested in to one virtual printer can generate PDF files.

With the launch of Firefox 119, however, Mozilla significantly improves the useful features for managing PDF files: when you open a document in this format, in fact, an additional toolbar appears which, on the right side, displays small buttons to send the file to print and download it. Even further to the right, however, Firefox adds some tools that let you add text on the pages that make up the PDF and draw, for example to highlight important parts.

Soon, still referring to the same toolbar, it will also be possible to insert information into the PDF file Imageswith the ability to assign them custom alternative text.

Firefox is not (yet) a editor in PDF because it is not able to modify the text, images and other elements that make up the structure of the document. In fact, the Mozilla home browser is limited to adding texts, drawings and images as new levels, above those present in the original PDF document. By clicking on Salva, you can create a local copy of the PDF document with all additions inserted. In another article we presented the best tools for editing PDF files.

Firefox 119 improves tab and browsing history management

With the release of the final version of Firefox 119, Mozilla also significantly improves the management of open tabs. Those who are used to managing many tabs at the same time are well aware of the confusion that tends to generate in the upper part of the browser window when consulting many websites. Edge, for example, proposes to show the tabs vertically while Firefox gives users the button View recently visited content in the upper left corner.

Firefox View browsing history

A click on this icon allows you to access the list of open tabs and to those recently opened (and, for example, already closed). The mechanism is called Firefox View and helps you not to lose control of the activities you gradually carry out online.

Using the buttons in the left column, you can access the recent browsingopen tabs, recently closed tabs, open tabs on other devices (after logging in), complete browsing history.

Finally, choosing Restrictive as a browsing mode, Firefox now uses i font of the system for rendering websites so as not to expose fingerprinting activities.


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