Fix if Whatsapp remains "waiting for the message"

Waiting for WhatsApp messageOn phones, with a few years behind them or on phones that we update immediately it is possible to receive the message “Waiting for your message. It may take a while.” on WhatsApp; this message appears in chats and signals a problem in receiving messages, often caused by a problem in message encryption or incompatibility between different versions of WhatsApp.In the following guide, we will show you in detail how to fix the message waiting for error on Whatsapp so you can resume chatting seamlessly with friends and family, without leaving any messages hanging for too long.

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1) Use the latest version of WhatsApp

The most effective trick to solve the message waiting for error on WhatsApp involves updating the app on our phone and having our interlocutor update the app as well. To proceed we look for WhatsApp from the store of our phone and press the button Update to proceed with the update.

To quickly update the app we can also use the WhatsApp download links from Google Play Store and from Apple App Store.

If we have problems downloading the new version of WhatsApp for Android we can always download the APK of the app and install it on the phone, as seen in the guide on how to download apk files of android apps.

2) Open and close the WhatsApp PC or WhatsApp Web app

If we had used WhatsApp per PC o WhatsApp Web on the computer, the service may take a few minutes to be able to synchronize new messages on the phone app.

In this specific case, we advise you to wait 5 minutes and, if the problem persists, close the WhatsApp app on the PC or the browser page, wait another 5 minutes and reopen it, so as to finish synchronizing new messages.

This problem is caused by crittografia end-to-end between different devices, as seen in the guide on what does End To End Encryption means on WhatsApp.

3) Turn off or restart your phone

If the problem is not solved with the two methods seen so far, we advise you to turn off or restart the phone: by doing so we will restart every process related to WhatsApp, we will reset the data connection or the Wi-Fi connection and we will finally be able to download the unreadable messages.

To learn more, we can read the guide on all the ways to turn off an iPhone, even locked.

4) Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp

At this point the problem should by now be solved; if we still notice the appearance of the message “Waiting for your message. It may take some time.” we can try to solve it by uninstalling and reinstalling the WhatsApp app, perhaps performing a preventive backup before proceeding.

After making the backup, go to the phone settings, open the app screen and proceed to the uninstall the WhatsApp app; once uninstalled, download the app again, using the links in the first chapter of this guide.

For this purpose, we can also try our guide on how to transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another or to another number so as to verify if switching to a new telephone solves the problem associated with waiting for the message.

5) Update your phone

As a last resort, we can try to solve the message waiting for error on WhatsApp by updating the phone to the latest version available. This is especially important for new versions of WhatsApp which could only speed up the encryption process if we also keep the system up to date.

To properly update any phone we can read our guides on how to update android come on how to update an iPhone.

If our Android phone is too old and no longer receives updates, we invite you to read the guide on how to update android on old and unsupported phones.


The error message “Waiting for your message. It may take a while.” it is not very frequent but, if we come across it, the first rule is waiting: we always wait a few minutes before proceeding with the advice given in the guide, just long enough to synchronize the WhatsApp servers with our devices.

If after 10 minutes the message error is still present, follow the instructions provided to the letter, so as to be able to resolve the message waiting for error on WhatsApp on the Android phones and iPhones involved in the problem.

To learn more, we can read our guide’s Whatsapp voice messages, tricks and problems solved come on how to read deleted messages in WhatsApp.

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