Common iPhone problems

L’iPhone it is the best phone available in the market, full of features and with a unique design. Despite all these characteristics, it is still a telephone and, like any electronic device, may present problems that may compromise its use.

In the following guide we have collected all the problems that can resurface on a modern iPhonealso showing you how to solve them without taking the phone for assistance or without necessarily having to go to an Apple Store to ask for explanations.

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1) Battery problems

The battery has always been a cross and delight on iPhones: many users boast of its high autonomy, but many others complain of not even being able to end the day without “running dry”.

The truth in these cases lies somewhere in the middle: the iPhone offers good autonomy in standard conditions of use (messages, navigation, chats and social apps), but when used intensively (games, video calls, video calls and 4K video recording) difficult picture aautonomy greater than 8 hours of screen on.

To fix this it pays to charge your iPhone oftenusing all possible tools to always have a good recharging point at work, in the office, when we are away from home or when we are at home.

If carrying around the USB cable and the Apple charger is somewhat inconvenient we can take advantage of Magsafe and wireless charging to have a iPhone always charged above 50%regardless of how we use it.

The best accessories to use for the battery on the iPhone are:

  • Belkin Wireless Charging Stand: Great for charging iPhones with wireless charging support (iPhone 8 Plus onwards) during office hours or while sitting at a desk.
  • Belkin BoostCharge Magnetic Car Mount: this accessory will allow us to recharge the iPhone wirelessly while we are in the car, so as to always have the iPhone charged during longer journeys (as well as having a magnetic foothold).
  • Apple MagSafe Battery Pack: This power bank uses wireless charging and a magnetic mount to attach to the back of your iPhone to provide an extra charge during your daily use.

These accessories are essential for those who “devour” the energy stored inside the iPhone and need to have a phone always charged and ready for use.

More good battery tips can be found in the how-to guide save Battery on iPhone and make the charge last to the maximum.

2) Problems with the touch screen

Touchscreen problems on iPhone are quite rare but when they happen they are definitely hard to fix, since they make the phone unusable. The problem can be both hardware and software, it’s up to us to understand what caused it and what we can do before taking it for assistance.

If the iPhone touch goes crazy or starts pressing randomly we disconnect any connected cables (Lightning or other adapters), we remove the phone from wireless charging and try to restart it by holding down the power button and sliding on the swipe.

Do you still have problems with touch after restart? In this case we advise you to turn off the screen and thoroughly clean the glass of the phoneto clean any crevices and try to remove any type of protective film that may have been applied.

If that doesn’t work either, just try the factory reset iPhoneso as to reset any problems of a software nature.

Did the reset not fix the problem? There is nothing left to do but take it to assistance, achieving the most near Apple Store and clearly explaining the nature of the problem.

3) Problems with Wi-Fi

iPhone Wi-Fi can be problematic only if connected to a network of an old modem or if we use a network with a weak signal or subject to interference (for example, a 2.4 GHz network).

In this case, the advice is to switch immediately to one modem dual bandOf enable the 5 GHz network and to use only that to surf the Internet.

If the 5 GHz network does not reach all the rooms of the house, we evaluate the use of a range extender or of one restore Wi-Fi Mesh to extend coverage.

If, on the other hand, the problem is specific to only one network, let’s try to forget the network (from Settings -> Wi-Fi press the “i” icon next to the network name) and reconnect to it by placing ourselves as close as possible to the access point or using a higher security protocol (such as WPA2-AES o WPA3).

To learn more, we can read the guide on how to fix WiFi problems on iPhone.

4) Problems with Face ID

Face ID is the biometric unlocking system that uses our face to unlock the iPhone screen and to authorize access to security apps (such as banking apps or payment apps).

Its malfunction is very rare but, in case it happens, we can try to improve Face ID recognition with the following tips:

  • Clean the front camera: If the camera is dirty or full of fingerprints, it will not be possible to get good face recognition with Face ID.
  • Check your Face ID settings: to unlock the full potential of Face ID let’s go to Settings -> Face ID and passcode and make sure the voices are active iPhone Unlock, iTunes Store and App Store, Wallet and Apple Pay, and Password Entry to use facial recognition on your phone.
  • Register the face again: after cleaning the front camera let’s go to the Settings -> Face ID and passcodepress on the face registration already carried out, press on Remove and we repeat the steps to register our face.

To learn more, we can read our guide on ways to lock screen on iPhone.

5) Overheating problems

Another common problem on all iPhones is the overheatingwhich is particularly striking in the summer (even if the winter period cannot be completely excluded).

If our iPhone gets very hot, let’s try to follow the advice below:

  • We use low power wireless charging: if we love wireless charging we must be sure not to use too high powers (above 10W), otherwise the phone will tend to get very hot during the wireless charging process until the charging process is completely interrupted.
  • We use official Apple cases: only the cover ufficiali Apple allow you to mitigate the effects of overheating of the phone, as well as guaranteeing support for MagSafe during charging.
  • Let’s avoid exposing the iPhone to the sun: do not leave the iPhone on the dashboard of the car, near a radiator or near a window for too long, otherwise we risk overheating it even with the screen off (causing damage to the battery and internal components).
  • We don’t put the iPhone under the covers: The heat generated by blankets or a simple pillow is enough to overheat the phone, even when the screen is off.
  • Let’s play heavy games in moderation: Playing heavy 3D games will inevitably overheat the iPhone. We use these games in moderation by applying 15 minute breaks every half hour.

On the same subject we can read the guides on how to measure phone temperature on android and iphone and on how to cool down your smartphone (Android and iPhone).


The ones we’ve seen above are beyond doubt the most common problems we can come across when using an iPhone. We have seen together that all problems can be solved without having to contact assistance; if the problem is serious and we are unable to resolve it, no one will be able to prevent us from traveling to a partner Apple Store.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how to do the reset network settings on android and iphone.


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