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One of the most used functions on WhatsApp allows you to organize chats and make them easier to find, without having to scroll through the list of all the chats we have active every time. From the list of conversations, in fact, it is possible fix the most important chats, highlighting those you always want to keep under control, where we receive more messages and those where we go to write more often. This allows us to give more visibility to the conversations, those of the groups and those with the people with whom we communicate more, so that they do not end up in the end or can be lost sight of at any moment.
In this guide we will show you how to fix the most used chats at the top on Android devices, on iPhone and finally on PC, thanks to WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop.

Highlight chat on WhatsApp

Once you have learned the steps described in the following chapters it will become a walk to highlight and fix the most important chats of friends, relatives, boyfriends, husbands / wives and work colleagues, so you can immediately check every new incoming message.
In the conclusions of the guide, we will instead talk about other tricks and methods that can be used to use WhatsApp as real expert users, especially if we have been using WhatsApp recently or we have only procured a modern smartphone recently (remember that not everyone is born learned and that somewhere we have to start).

How to fix chats on Android

To fix a chat on Android devices, we open the WhatsApp app (available for free from the Google Play Store), we press and hold the finger on the chat we want to fix so we press up on the pin-shaped symbol, so as to always show it on top of all chats.
Android chat

If we want to fix more than one chat at the top, we keep pressed on the first one, then select one by one the chats that we want to be highlighted, finally using the pin icon to fix them. Obviously, in order to remove a highlighted chat, just repeat the steps just described.

How to fix chats on iPhone

If we own an iPhone it is really very simple to fix chats, using the sliding system typical of apps designed for Apple. In order to fix the chats in evidence, we open the WhatsApp app (also available for free on the App Store), identify the chat to be fixed and scroll with your finger on it to the right, so as to show the side buttons and be able to use fixed.
IPhone chat

We can repeat the steps for any other chat, so as to add them to the top and keep them always at hand. To remove a chat fixed at the top, scroll again on it and use this button Don’t stare to return to manage it as a normal chat (which will scroll based on the messages received and sent).

How to fix chats on PC

WhatsApp can also be managed when we are in front of the PC, just install the WhatsApp Desktop program (compatible with Windows and Mac) or connect to WhatsApp Web from any modern browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari are fine). Once the chosen service has been downloaded and / or opened, we log in by scanning the QR code in the center of the app or website, taking us to the WhatsApp mobile app, pressing the three dots at the top right and choosing WhatsApp Web (on Android); if we have an iPhone we can do the same by pressing on the bottom right of the menu Settings and pressing on the voice WhatsApp Web / Desktop.
At the end of the scan of the QR code we will immediately have access to our chats from a computer or browser; in order to fix the chats, all we have to do is right-click on the one to be fixed and press on Set chat.
Computer chat

Fixed chats will also be available on smartphones and we can, even from computers, fix more than one chat, so as to have the most important ones under control. By repeating the steps we can remove one or more chats from the evidence, so that we can decide from time to time which chats should be placed in the foreground and which should be managed as normal chats.

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Thanks to this WhatsApp function we will be able to highlight company chats or the most important chats, so as not to lose them among all the chats we manage, thus being able to respond quickly and immediately retrieve shared messages on them (if we receive many messages , it may be difficult to understand right away what the important messages are and which ones can be avoided instead).

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