Fixed an issue that prevented users from upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for 2 years

Fixed an issue that prevented users from upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for 2 years

Until now, a large group of Windows 10 users could not upgrade to Windows 11 simply because one of the system components, which was not fully supported, led to the display of a blue screen. After 2 years, Microsoft technicians have indicated the problem relating to the audio technology as solved Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST).

SST is a solution developed by Intel for improve audio quality and optimize sound performance. The technology integrates advanced audio features directly into the processor, offering a better audio experience without the need for additional audio components.

Windows 10 systems that use Intel SST technology can finally be upgraded to Windows 11

To avoid the appearance of one BSOD screen (Blue Screen of Death), Microsoft has purposely blocked the installation of Windows 11 on some Windows 10 machines based on Intel SST technology. The issue affected systems based on 11th generation Intel processors with driver Intel SST displayed in the window Device management (press Windows+X, choose Device management and double click on Audio, video and game controllers).

Until now, users using Intel SST drivers or could resolve the issue and evaluate the migration to Windows 11 by installing the most recent component releases (, and later).

The news that Microsoft has published on Windows Update Updated Intel SST drivers: This means that Windows 10 users no longer have to take additional steps to manually download and install external resources.

Microsoft clarifies that, after updating the drivers via the Windows Update window, it is still necessary to wait at least 48 hours before actually installing Windows 11. If the transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is still denied, Microsoft further specifies, it is likely that the version of controller audio Intel is not updated: in this case the download and installation of the latest driver must be done by referring to the manufacturer’s website.

What Intel SST is and how it works

We said that Intel SST, technology incorporated at the processor level, ensures a faithful audio reproduction and quality sound recording, improving the listening and recording experience for users.

The Intel solution is designed to reduce the energy consumptionintelligently manage the audio signal, optimizing sound quality and reducing any distortion or unwanted noise, to support the latest audio technologies.

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