Flipper Zero crashes iPhones running the latest version of iOS 17

During the past few months, more precisely during the month of September, it had been reported that the Flipper Zero he was able to send them down iPhone. This very widespread tool in the world of hackers, also very popular and cheap, even managed to cause problems for iPads.

The strategy was to inundate devices with Bluetooth pop-ups until they crashed. Many updates have arrived since then, iOS 17 included, but the situation seems to be pretty much the same.

Exactly last week the new betas of iOS 17.2 were published, a release of the operating system that would have the same problems. In fact, Apple has not yet implemented the right security measures to prevent this type of attack by Flipper Zero.

Flipper Zero continues to trouble iPhones, despite iOS 17.2

Using normally, the Flipper Zero can be a truly harmless device. In fact, it is sold as an instrument multipurpose portable for those with a technology hobby.

It can be programmed for example to control multiple radio protocols together. However, since it is a device with open source firmware, it can be modified with new software that makes it a real hacking. With a product like this, therefore, the bad guys get off to a good start, at the expense of the poor victims.

Unfortunately, those who have an iPhone can easily be affected as Apple devices make extensive use of Bluetooth Low-Energy. The so-called BLE in fact implements various functions of iPhones, such as AirDropHandOff, iBeacon, HomeKit and many more.

A feature of this Bluetooth technology is to send and receive advertising packets or ADV packets. It is precisely in this way that iPhones will be able to receive, regardless of the version of iOS installed on them, dei packages with pop-ups.

In this way, hackers could KO an iPhone in a very short time, forcing users in some cases tohard reset.


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