Foldable iPad: Apple could announce it in 2024

When it comes to foldables, Apple is enough backwards compared to the competition. Thinking about the main rivals of the Cupertino giant, that is Samsung e Google, you are almost spoiled for choice. It is not known why Tim Cook and his associates have not yet presented an iPhone Fold, but according to comments online, the absence of this device on the market is being felt more and more, year after year.

In the 2024 but there could be the turning point: not an iPhone should debut next year, but the first foldable iPad. Second DigiTimesthe development of the foldable tablet is apparently proceeding quickly, without any particular hitches.

Apple’s first foldable device won’t be an iPhone: the iPad Fold will arrive in 2024

The sources of the Taiwanese editorial team of DigiTimes reveal that Apple is working with suppliers to get the ball rolling small-scale production of the foldable iPad for the end of 2024. Considering this, the presentation could really be there by the end of next year.

According to reports, the Californian company has not yet finalized the design of the device. The main doubts would concern the display and the hingeswith Apple worried about the fold in the middle of the panel which tends to become more evident on devices in this category after a certain period of use. The tech giant would also be looking for a design that is easier to mass producesimplifying it and reducing the number of components required.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Rumors about made-in-Cupertino foldable devices have been circulating for years, with various solutions temporarily put aside or even trashed. But why focus specifically on iPad and not on the most popular device, i.e. iPhone? The answer is simple: iPad represents a relatively small percentage of the company’s sales, then the impact of potential problems would be more limited.

Moreover, a revolution of this magnitude could increase global iPad salesotherwise decreasing.


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