Foldable iPhone? Apple could launch it in 2026

Foldable iPhone?  Apple could launch it in 2026

Although there has been talk for years about the possible launch of a Foldable iPhoneat the moment this remains the forbidden dream of many loyal customers Apple.

According to a rumor, however, the Cupertino giant could offer the public a product of this type in 2026. The rumor in question comes from the Korean site The Elec it’s yes McRumors. According to such sources, the display of such devices should be of 7-8 inches and should be a direct competitor of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and 7.6 inches.

As suggested by industry experts, dimensions of this type suggest a book-like design, somewhat similar to the line Galaxy Z Fold. Precisely this shape, however, also opens up some big doubts: are we sure that it will actually be an iPhone or something “different”?

Are we sure this is a foldable iPhone?

The site The Elec he asked himself this question, without having a clear answer. Apparently, in fact, Apple could surprise everyone once again by veering towards a foldable iPad. In the latter case, such a line could replace the iPad Minialthough in this context we delve even further into simple speculation.

Furthermore, some predict that Apple may launch an additional one iPad mini OLED in 2025 or a little later, anticipating the marketing of the alleged foldable iPad.

Then there are those who go further, claiming that Apple is actually studying foldable technology, having yet to decide whether and to which device in its ecosystem to apply this solution. The same rumors also speak of Samsung being involved in the project, with Samsung Display who would have already sent samples of screens to be analyzed.

This suggests that the section of the Korean giant dedicated to screens could be involved in the development of foldable iPhones. Considering such long timescales and without official declarations from the companies involved, it is still difficult to have certainties.

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