For the CIO of Goldman Sachs, 2024 will be the year of hybrid AI

In an interview with the chief investment officer of Goldman Sachs, Marco Argentihe himself described how 2024 will be a year dominated byHybrid Artificial Intelligencewith an increase in applications related to large language models (LLM).

Argenti explained how hybrid AI works like a real brain capable of interpreting the user’s prompt. As is evident, this is a reference to ChatGPT and similar platforms.

For the CIO, however, not everyone will be able to manage such systems. Only a few companies will be able to create and control such a complex and expensive technology, with most of them content to build neural networks smaller in size, with some data center and services cloud computing.

Regarding the launch of hybrid AI, Argenti stated how “In 2024, most companies will focus on proof-of-concepts that are likely to show the highest return“.

Hybrid AI, third-party apps and the United States as a trailblazer for a new technological era

The IOC then wanted to focus on a new generation of third-party appswhich will be able to interact with the aforementioned LLM systems.

For Argenti, 2024 will be characterized by a “Whole world of applications” which will emerge in the coming months, providing adequate support to AI platforms. Despite this, the IOC also wanted to underline how important the need will be coordinate security between the different parties involved.

In the interview, in fact, Argenti states how it will be important to continue to promote an environment that encourages collaboration between professionalsl’open source models when appropriate and develop appropriate rules designed to help manage potential risks.

Finally, the CIO highlighted how this technology will, in all likelihood, see the United States they will lead the evolution of hybrid AI, leading the world into a new era.


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