For the FBI, Chinese cyber attacks on the USA have never been so intense

For the FBI, Chinese cyber attacks on the USA have never been so intense

The director of theFBI Christopher Wray raised the alarm regarding the cyber attacks coming from China.

Although the attention of US intelligence is focusing on war scenarios in Ukraine and the Middle East, in fact, the Asian country seems to have increased the amount of cyberattacks against US infrastructure.

For Wray, in fact, the recorded cyberattacks are “On a larger scale than we’ve ever seen before“, so much so that it considers them as a concrete threat to national security, as highlighted by the recent case of Volt Typhoon. Despite this, the FBI chief refused to list which critical infrastructures are most at risk, while confirming that his agency is working to stem cyber attacks from Asia.

Wray also urged foreign governments, both in Europe and Asia, to increase resources to counter hacking campaigns coming from China. For the same, in fact, even the critical infrastructures of allies are potentially in the crosshairs of cybercriminals.

FBI and Chinese cyber attacks: the agency’s director raises the alarm

At a recent meeting in California, the FBI director met with some colleagues from the Five Eyes (which includes, in addition to the USA, also Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom). On this occasion, Wray underlined his appreciation for what Europe has done to counter the escalation of cybercrime.

For the FBI representative, theArtificial intelligence could play a fundamental role in this comparison”They have already made economic espionage and theft of personal and corporate data a sort of cornerstone of their economic strategy and are eagerly following advances in AI to try to speed up that process“. On the other hand, the Beijing government denies attribution of the cyber attacks, claiming that the United States is organizing a stage to blame the Asian nation.

Certainly, the FBI is quite active when it comes to fighting cybercrime. Just think, in this sense, of the operation that hit the infrastructure of the fearsome group last December ransomware known as BlackCat.

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