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Four Android browsers that support extensions

Extensions have become indispensable tools for improve productivity, security and customization of desktop browsers. However, the transition to the realm of mobile browsing has been quite slow compared to this chapter.

But there is good news for Android users. Although Google Chrome, which is by far the most popular browser for this operating system, does not support extensions on mobile devices, there are some excellent alternatives that put this functionality within reach.

Browser come Firefox per Android, Samsung Internet, Kiwi Browser e Lemur Browser have bridged the gap between desktop and mobile browsing by supporting extensions that allow users to secure and personalize their browsing experience in ways that were previously exclusive to desktop environments.

Whether you’re looking for added security, ad blocking features, or tools to boost productivity, these Android browsers deliver a wide range of extensions to meet your needs.

  • 1. Firefox per Android

    A browser that supports extensions and that it is not based on Chromiumthe project from which much of the source code for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave and many others was obtained, is Firefox per Android. In practice, it is the version of Mozilla Firefox for smartphones and tablets equipped with Android operating system.

    Renowned for speed and privacy that offers by preventing trackers from following you around the web and slowing down your pages, Firefox for Android is one Versatile navigation tool. In addition to moving the search bar from top to bottom to browse the web with one hand, it also allows you to choose the search engine and if you want to set Firefox as the default browser.

    Furthermore, by installing Firefox on all your devices, you can bring bookmarks, passwords, saved logins and browsing history to your laptop or tablet. What distinguishes it however is the Extension support. Just like the Mozilla Foundation desktop counterpart, you can easily install add-ons and addons.mozilla.org or choose from Mozilla’s curated selection of safe and high-quality extensions.

    Some notable options include uBlock Originan efficient ad-blocker, Dark Reader which inverts the brightest colors of the display making them high contrast and easier to read at night, Ghostery which neutralizes advertising and trackers, preventing the collection of personal data. The password manager again Bitwarden, Tampermonkey which customizes page layouts on the web, e Privacy Badger which identifies and blocks attempts to monitor navigation.

    All extensions that allow you to carry out tasks that are typically out of reach of most mobile browsers. Plus, there’s the promise of more interesting extensions in the pipeline.

  • 2. Samsung Internet Browser

    Pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy devices and more recently also available on Galaxy Watch devices that support Wear OS, Samsung Internet It is not reserved for Samsung users and is a feature-rich web browser.

    On the security and privacy side, it offers a functionality intelligent anti-monitoring which identifies domains capable of cross-site tracking and blocks access to memory (cookies). There protected browsing shows a warning to prevent you from visiting websites that may try to steal your data. Furthermore, it allows third-party applications to deliver content blocking filtersmaking navigation easier and safer.

    However, there is a small problem when it comes to Samsung Internet plugins for Android. Although the browser is accessible to everyone, most extensions it is distributed via the Galaxy Storewhich typically requires a Samsung phone to access.

    Therefore, although they are installed like normal Android applications, users who do not own a Samsung, unfortunately, have a more limited choice regarding mainly ad blockers.

  • 3. Kiwi Browser

    Based on Chromium and WebKit (web browser rendering engine developed by Apple and used by Safari, Mail, App Store and many other apps on macOS, iOS and Linux), Kiwi Browser is a nimble web browser that offers several features. A night mode with customizable contrast to strain your eyes less at night, a comfortable address bar at the bottom for minimal finger strain, the ability to use Facebook Messenger within the browser and many other services.

    What really sets Kiwi Browser apart is the ability to support many full desktop Chrome extensions. These extensions can be obtained from the Chrome Web Store and enable in settings del browser.

    While Kiwi Browser has faced occasional issues with updates in the past, recent developments suggest this is no longer an issue, ensuring it remains Updated with essential security patches.

  • 4. Lemur Browser

    With ChatGPT integrated, Lemur Browserthe latest addition to the Android browser landscape, is based on a High-speed Chromium kernel engine. Sharing many features with Kiwi Browser, it offers a similar extension ecosystem to desktop Chrome and Edge. Just to name a few: Tampermonkey, Clean Master, Google Translation, Grammar Checker, Adguard Adblocker, Dark Reader, Bitwarden, Global Speed ​​and so on.

    A unique feature of Lemur is its ability to import extensions locally via crx file, giving users more flexibility in managing their plug-ins. Furthermore, you can directly install the extensions from the Chrome and Edge web stores.

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