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Foxconn and Nvidia: an AI factory to develop autonomous driving

Nvidia e Foxconn are working together to create what are called “AI factories”, a new idea of data center with incredible potential

We are talking about an extremely advanced system specialized in very complex calculations which could help both in the development and management of self-driving cars and both as a starting point for a renewed idea of automationfor the creation of products (including robots) to be used for industrial purposes.

What we know about the Foxconn and Nvidia project

The founder and CEO of Nvidia Jensen Huang and the president and CEO of Foxconn Young Liu confirmed this collaboration between the two companies just a few days ago.

The common intentions concern the construction of this immense data center (based on Nvidia GPU processing infrastructure) which will be responsible for to elaborate, perfect e manage huge amounts of data, transforming them into models and applications per artificial intelligence.

As mentioned at the beginning, one of the main objectives of this structure is the creation of a self-driving car extremely advanced, with a sophisticated artificial intelligence inside which will allow you, among other things, to drive autonomously in any context, including the much feared one urban trafficwhich has always been the Achilles’ heel of this sector.

Furthermore, the new vehicle should also be able to at the same time interact with drivers and with i passengersgiving them a superior driving experience and totally safe.

The automobile, which is currently still in its infancy, will pick up large amounts of data during each trip, data which will then be sent to the Nvidia and Foxconn data center which will have the task of understanding and assimilating the information collected, improving autonomous driving software and sharing new insights with every vehicle in the (future) smart car fleet.

The partnership, however, looks much further ahead and should also guarantee collaborations with third-party manufacturing companies so that, in the future, the components for the smart cars can be delivered to any supplier who requests it.

Clearly Nvidia and Foxconn will not deal “only” with these AI-based processors which are already ready to become the fulcrum of the machines of the future, but they will also deal with making all those accessories which will synchronize with the “synthetic brains” to allow them to “perceive” what happens while driving.

Of course we are talking about a suite of tools like cameras, radar, lidar e sensors aultrasound which will be essential to guarantee truly efficient autonomous driving capabilities.

At the moment, however, the project is still in its early stages but the two companies expect the arrival of the first prototypes by 2025barring future problems (bureaucratic and otherwise) linked to the use of artificial intelligence.

AI Factories, There’s Much More Than Cars

Clearly, there is much more to Nvidia and Foxconn’s future plans than “simple” self-driving cars which, in fact, is a sector still full of opportunities but which is already attracting the attention of dozens of vehicle manufacturers (and not only) around the world.

By expanding the idea of ​​AI factories, in fact, the objective of the two companies is to gradually expand towards other sectors: starting with intelligent vehicles but, in the future, the aim is to reach entire smart cities, until reaching the realization of fully automated factories that they will no longer need human management.

According to the ambitious projects of the two companies, one day, any factory will have its own data processing data center which will allow machines and workers (robots) to self-manage your work, improving from time to time, avoiding accidents, errors e wastein view of a industrial model that is much more intelligent than the current one.

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