Framework modular notebook motherboard used to create a console

Framework Computer has developed a highly customizable modular laptop. The main objective is to offer an alternative sustainable e long-lasting to traditional notebooks, allowing users to easily upgrade and replace hardware components to extend the life of the device. There motherboard of a notebook like those of Framework has aroused interest on multiple levels.

The concept of modularity is taken to the extreme: if it is often difficult to access all the basic components, Framework Computer modular PCs allow users to easily replace and upgrade components such as the CPU, RAM, storage, battery, motherboard, displays and more.

The ability to easily update and repairscontribute to the sustainability of the project, to the reduction of the volume of electronic waste and allow the useful life of the devices to be extended.

Motherboard Framework used to build a modern console

As seen on the official Framework Computer website, users have numerous purchasing opportunities available. The youtuber author of this video purchased a motherboard with processor Intel Core i7-1260P and combined it with a 7-inch Full HD touch display, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD, 55 Wh battery and front speakers to “package” a customized gaming console.

Console portatile: motherboard Framework Computer

The video shows the result obtained, certainly interesting despite being a sort of prototype. The hardware components used ensuregaming experience quite smooth considering the small screen that was used for the project. The author of the initiative shows that the console based on motherboard Framework However, it can be connected to a larger screen.

Intel’s Core i7-1260P processor has good hours performance but the chips for the mobile world best suited to needs gaming come today from the processor family AMD Ryzen 7040similar or identical to those used in most portable gaming PCs.

Framework spokespeople confirmed that the chip-based motherboards AMD Phoenix they should be released soon.

The problem of cost still remains although many opportunities could open up in the future

Unfortunately, the motherboard of a Framework system based on a very interesting Ryzen 7 7840U it costs practically the same as a portable console already “ready for use” and with an elegant design, such as ASUS ROG Ally.

However, as new generations of hardware components come out, older ones will experience a marked drop in price. Last week, for example, Framework began selling stock of motherboards equipped with Core i5-1135G7 for just $199. Warehouse availability has been running out very quickly but it is very likely that similar “purchasing opportunities” may arise again shortly.

The project shown by youtuber it immediately received the praise of Framework Computer because it is perfectly in line with the company’s philosophy. According to what was anticipated, “do-it-yourself” kits could be developed to create consoles using modular components.

The opening images are taken from Pitstoptech’s YouTube video.


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