Fraudsters Attacking the US Postal Service: What's Happening?

Il US Postal Servicein recent months, has been undergoing a real siege by scammers e scammer. This is what the authorities of the states claim, through the voice of the Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel.

Citizens, in fact, have been warned of a massive spread of widespread text messages that fall into the category of attacks smishing. In most cases, this is a phantom delivery notification SMS of parcels and a link for the tracking site of the same.

Through different techniques linked to the context social engineering, criminals manage to convince many victims to follow the link, leading them to malicious sites. According to Nessel “It is vital that people recognize a scam like this and avoid providing their personal information“.

The same prosecutor then added how “Clicking on fraudulent links can lead to identity theft, installation of malware on your device, and could lead to the sale of your contact information to other bad actors who are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting victims“.

US Postal Service “cloned” by scammers: smishing alert

Smishing is now a widespread phenomenon, not only overseas.

This particular type of attack involves enticing the victim, convincing them to provide a password, banking credentials o other sensitive dataand then steal them and exploit them in other criminal contexts.

Dana Nessel then wanted to provide American citizens with some advice to avoid this type of threat.

First of all, important data such as telephone number, addresses, personal informations and similar. Be wary of emails and text messages received from authorities, even if they seem real, ed avoid suspicious links proposed. Very often, scammers exploit the sense of urgency to push the victim towards the trap: keeping a cool head, therefore, can be very important.


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