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Not only for those who are simply passionate or curious, but also for those who study medicine and for those who practice as a doctor, 3D anatomy sites can be of great impact, with three-dimensional virtual reconstructions that allow you to explore every internal anatomical detail, organs and systems . These are web applications and free sites (almost all) that allow you to study and find precise scientific information made from high quality images and graphic reconstructions.
Below, the best free programs and 3D anatomy sites to explore the human body in an innovative and highly detailed way.1) The site BioDigitalHuman is the best Free and interactive online atlas of anatomy on the internet where it is possible to explore more than 4,000 3D models seasoned with interactive animations that can also be shared with other people.
To work, you need a browser that supports HTML5 and WebGL (Chrome or Firefox). The graphics are something exceptional, all in 3D, with levels of detail of the highest level and quality where you can use the mouse to move the angle and see in detail every part of the human body, both male and female. At the bottom there is the bar to zoom and change the view while on the right you can activate or hide the various devices and individual organs.

2) Anatronica it’s a free program for Windows PC and Mac which we can consider the best of its kind. It is a complete human anatomy software, also in Italian, which offers the 3D anatomy model of both males and females.
Among the most important functions are: the search box to search for a specific body part, the reproduction of the human body systems (the skeletal system, the muscular system, the respiratory system, etc.), the ability to look through a organ and also a quiz mode to answer the questions.

3) Anomalousmedical it’s a another free program to install on PC of human anatomy, the only open source on this list. Here too there are both male and female human anatomy models and different features such as Camera and Zoom modes, different views, selection of each organ of the body and also an internal view of the face and teeth.

4) 3D Bones and Organs it’s a’app per Windows 10 free on the Microsoft Store. This human anatomy program is also comprehensive, visualizing the different systems of the human body, such as the skeletal system, the muscular system, the nervous system, the circulatory system, the digestive system, the male and female reproductive system and much more. For each part of the body you can read a description and the transparent view, to inspect the internal parts.

5) Google Browser Body lets you explore the human body (now Zygote Body) in 3D with a web application that is as simple as it is detailed to really try, described in another article.

6) Human Body Map is a free and interactive online archive where you can watch every organ of the human body in 3D and study all the muscles, the organs of both a male and female body. By hovering over the various organs and anatomical parts, you can read a detailed sheet in English.

7) Anatomy Learning it’s an app for Android, iPhone and even web apps (you have to click on the WebGL button) which can be opened in Chrome to see all the anatomical parts of the human body in 3D, zooming in and rotating each element. Guided learning helps to study the human body layer by layer, visualize the parts of the human body. body and learn all the terms.

8) 3D4medical is a solid anatomical learning and teaching platform that you can try for free, which can be used with a subscription if you want to interactively explore 13,000 anatomical structures. For example, you can virtually place the model in any real-life environment to simulate a dissection.

9) eSkeletons is an interactive site that allows you to view the bones of both human and non-human primates. A mouse hover over the skeleton selects a specific bone for a closer look.

10) Two human anatomy programs: BoneLab lets you explore the human skeleton while 3D Muscles Teacher is an interactive program for learning the human muscular system. Both software can be downloaded for free only in demo version.

11) Visiblebody (no longer free) is the best 3D anatomy app ever, available for Android, iPad and iPhone, Windows 10. It is the most complete three-dimensional model of virtual human body, with the possibility of studying and to analyze in the smallest detail human anatomy.
In fact, on Visiblebody you can see the detailed models of all systems of the human body:

  • Search and locate organs anatomical structures by name
  • Click on anatomical structures to identify their names
  • Rotate and explore anatomical parts in a virtual space
  • Remove in layers to reveal system locations and components
  • See the placement of organs in relation to other structures
  • See anatomical structures with and without surrounding anatomy
  • Virtually study anatomy without the need for a laboratory

It is therefore a real journey within the 3D model of the human body and you can move in space by clicking, zoom in / out with the mouse wheel or the on-screen zoom bar, click on systems or structures to make them transparent or remove them entirely, locate anatomical structures with text search and click on organs and anatomical structures to reveal their names.

Note, however, that it is possible to Google a part of the human body on Google followed by the words Visible Body 3D to see the 3D model in augmented reality. The words to search for to see the anatomical parts in 3D on Google were listed in the article about 3D models on Google with AR effects.
12) The project MedPedia is an illustrated Wikipedia that will specifically cover the medical world and human anatomy. The project was born from the collaboration of some of the most prestigious universities in the United States and will be a reference portal for the exchange of medical opinions between professionals, for those who are learning the medical profession and for everyone, to learn about the symptoms of diseases and ask for health advice. on the Internet.

Finally in another article, the virtual microscope online.


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