Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android is the free application that helps protect your mobile devices. It integrates with the most advanced security solutions that allow the control of Android, iOS, Windows and macOS devices.

Until recently there was a belief that a antivirus per Android it was not useful or in any case it was inconvenient to install it.

Many users, in some cases rightly so, pointed out that installing an antivirus on Android could slow down the device, cause “false positives” (reports of potentially malicious apps when in reality they are legitimate apps) and they believed the protection provided by the operating system was sufficient.

We have actually seen that cybercriminals have focused on the development of malware per Android: Mobile devices contain a large amount of personal information, login credentials, online banking applications and wallet management. Also think of all the confidential data that is stored in the form of emails, in instant messaging apps and as documents.

Google Play Protecta security system included by default in all supported Android devices, unfortunately does not offer adequate protection with low recognition rates for malicious apps, as confirmed by AV-TEST.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android it’s a security software which today is becoming increasingly essential to use on mobile devices: despite being an application freealways remains running with minimal impact in terms of resources engaged, recognizes and neutralizes virtually all threats without generating false positives.

Bitdefender Antivirus per Android integra un scan engine in-cloud which on the one hand relieves the device and the SoC (extending the battery life), on the other hand ensures users a protection effective, continuously updated therefore always current.

Come funziona Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android

Once installed, Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android checks the content of the Android device by automatically examining the security of all installed apps.

Free Android antivirus: Bitdefender offers essential security for any device

Bitdefender antivirus for Android does not require any configuration: by accessing the settings you can at least specify whether you intend to request the memory scan internal and external (for example any microSD cards).

You can initiate on-demand scans (on-demand) but the real advantage is that Bitdefender for Android automatically scans new apps as soon as they are installed on the device (feature Autopilot).

Free Android antivirus: Bitdefender offers essential security for any device

Not bad for an application that is completely free, doesn’t display advertising information, isn’t invasive and proves to be light, effective and performing.

Advanced protection for Android: Bitdefender Mobile Security

Starting with a basic application such as Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android, which nonetheless offers solid protection against all threats that may try to make their way onto mobile devices, Bitdefender offers the possibility of equipping more advanced security features.

One step higher than Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android, in fact, arises Bitdefender Mobile Security. It is a solution for the security of android devices which integrates the features missing in the basic package.

The application is part of the solutions all-in-one Bitdefender for cyber security.

From the free version of the app, you can click on the button Prova Bitdefender Mobile Security to test how it works on your Android device.

Associating i accessibility permits Android to Bitdefender Mobile Security and by assigning permission to access all files, the antivirus can provide a more nuanced line of defense: the system antiphishing examines web pages and warns the user when any fraudulent pages are visited.

Free Android antivirus: Bitdefender offers essential security for any device

As you can check by tapping the button Web protectionBitdefender Mobile Security indicates the browsers installed on the device (which are already protected) and lists the compatible apps.

The virus scan it is always running in the background ensuring a constant defense against any type of threat. By touching the icon Scan at the bottom of the Bitdefender Mobile Security screen, you can still start an on-demand scan and see which and how many categories of threats the application is able to detect and neutralize.

Free Android antivirus: Bitdefender offers essential security for any device

Bitdefender Mobile Security recognizes malware, ransomware, potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), apps that are essentially adware (designed only with the purpose of making money with advertisements), apps that monitor user activities, hidden apps, which have been developed to steal login credentials to banking services and online wallets, which mine cryptocurrencies.

Free Android antivirus: Bitdefender offers essential security for any device

Tapping the button Activate in the box Scam alert, the application blocks messages containing scam links and instructions designed to trick users into extorting money or prompting them to enter personal credentials on web pages under the direct control of the attackers. It should be noted that Bitdefender Mobile Security carries out a constant company of monitoring and filter on SMS and notifications generated by any app. By activating the option Chat protectionFurthermore, Bitdefender Mobile Security detects dangerous links transmitted through all major instant messaging applications (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Discord are supported).

Free Android antivirus: Bitdefender offers essential security for any device

Bitdefender Mobile Security integrates a solid Theft Protection which helps to recover the device in case of theft or loss. The function can be used by touching the button Activate and can be used alongside Google Find your phone.

Bitdefender’s anti-theft tool also snaps a thief photo or the snooper on duty: the person who is trying to unlock the Android smartphone is in fact automatically immortalized in a snapshot that Bitdefender Mobile Security transmits to the rightful owner of the phone.

Free Android antivirus: Bitdefender offers essential security for any device

Sending remote commands such as requesting the location of the smartphone, remote blocking, deleting data, playing an audible signal is done via the console Bitdefender Central accessible via the Web or with the app of the same name.

Bitdefender Central is a web administration panel that allows you to remotely monitor and administer all your devices: using products like Bitdefender Premium Security o Bitdefender Total Security (we’ll talk about it later) the Bitdefender Central “dashboard” lets you know at a glance the status of each device (not just mobile devices but also Windows and macOS PCs and workstations) with the ability to remotely enable new protection.

Finally, the technology WearON allows you to extend the protection to a possible smartwatch connected with android mobile device while App block e Privacy dell’account respectively, they allow you to protect the launch of any installed app with a PIN or a fingerprint and verify that your personal data has not been published online.

Bitdefender Premium Security: All-in-one solution for protecting multiple devices

It is simplistic to protect a single Android device if it is usually part of a network made up of machines Windows, macOS e device Apple iOS.

Bitdefender Premium Security it is an innovative proposal that covers all protection needs at 360 degrees. It’s a solution cross-platform which against a low annual fee, allows you to simultaneously protect up to 10 devices Windows, macOS, Android e iOS.

Free Android antivirus: Bitdefender offers essential security for any device

Bitdefender Premium Security ensures the best possible protection, integrates a password manager safe and the ability to use a vpn service without limitations (unlike what other security solution manufacturers do, Bitdefender does not block data transfers via VPN once a certain threshold in terms of gigabytes is reached).

Using a combination of advanced detection techniques to protect devices from cyber attacks, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis, all Bitdefender solutions are able to identify and prevent advanced threats, newly appeared malware on the network and zero day attacks.

All Bitdefender products included in the “premium” offer and other integrated solutions have minimal impact on system performance: This means that your devices will be protected without slowdowns or delays.

They also offer options of customization advanced by allowing users to adjust the settings of each antivirus according to their specific needs.


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