Free Android VPNs: Dozens found containing malware

Free Android VPNs: Dozens found containing malware

The VPN they are a tool used to protect the privacy of devices accessing the network.

However, their notable diffusion in recent years has attracted less than desirable attention, with some cybercriminali who exploited their popularity for their own campagne malware.

As reported by the site Top10VPN, this month dozens and dozens of free VPNs were identified that, in reality, did not work in favor of users. We talk about leaked IP addressessystems ineffective encryption (if not absent). In fact, apps that are theoretically useful for protecting surfers act by more or less voluntarily putting them in danger.

To make what happened even more impressive are the numbers presented by the aforementioned site: the offending VPNs, in fact, if added together, record 2.5 billion installations. Of these, beyond the 10% it does not offer encryption worthy of the name, as well as presenting various types of instability.

Free Android VPNs? IP address leaks, DNS issues, and malware

According to what was revealed, around fifteen of the apps indicated are linked to ByteDancea Chinese company that owns TikTok. All this does nothing but increase doubts about the company’s actions, already in the sights of the American government. Between data leaks regarding IP addresses and problems at the level of DNSthe apps reported are numerous and include tools such as:

  • Tomato VPN
  • Phone Guardian VPN
  • Ultimate VPN
  • Turbo VPN
  • Power VPN
  • VPN Monster
  • uVPN
  • VPN Proxy Master – Safer VPN
  • VPN Pro – Fast & Secure VPN
  • Signal Secure VPN – Robot VPN.

While these apps may be unsafe, they are not actually malicious.

20% of the apps reported by Top10VPN, however, are identified by antivirus as containing malware, trojan or in any case to push users towards sites phishing. Despite this, the site said that some of these results may be false positives.

All this shows, once again, how important it is to choose one Reliable VPNessential for surfing online without risks.


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