Free Apps to Crop Video on Android and iPhone

App to crop a video (Crop) or to change its aspect ratio and size and transform vertical videos into horizontal or square ones

Phone video clipping On phones we can crop a video, i.e. change the height or width, using simple free apps, without necessarily having to upload the video to the PC and act as non-linear editing programs.

For example, therefore, you can make a vertical video horizontal or to point the lens on a particular part of the scene, removing the rest or optimize a video to publish it on Instagram with the right dimensions.

So let’s see how crop a video on iPhone and Android using integrated tools (always recommended for ease of use) or using simple free apps, to be downloaded from the respective stores.

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1) Google Photo app

L’app Google Photoavailable for both Android that for iPhoneallows you to edit videos as well as photos.

To edit a video, open the Google Photos app on your phone and go to the menu Collectionschoose the folder where the video is present, open it and press on at the bottom Edit. In the new menu let’s go to the section Crop and make quick changes to the video using the keys Change aspect ratio, Wheel e Change perspective.

By moving the corners of the video we can perform a simple “crop”, i.e. cut out only a part of the video, thus extracting only the part of the video that interests us. Once the changes are complete, press on at the bottom Save copy to create the new edited video.

2) Photos App su iPhone

To perform “crop” and change “Aspect Ratio” on iPhone we can use the app Photo, integrated into all updated iPhones. Anyone who wants to edit the video just has to open the app Photoselect the video in the library and tap the entry Edit up.

In the video editing window, tap the button Crop (Crop), present in the bottom line; A box will appear above the video that you can resize with your finger from the corners. The part inside the frame becomes the part that you crop and want to keep, while everything that remains outside is eliminated throughout the length of the video.

Once you’ve decided on a frame, you can pinch the screen to zoom in on the video view so you can fit it within the frame. To do this first, if you don’t want to use the freehand crop tool and want to instead change the aspect ratio and size of the video in order to optimize it for viewing on a particular screen or on a particular app (for example to create an Instagram Story or 4/3 to see it in a centered and almost square way), you can use already configured crop presets.

From the crop section, tap on the button Proportions (Aspect Ratio) at the top right and choose the display mode, whether vertical, horizontal or square. Among the horizontal orientation options it is also possible to choose from a list of aspect ratios, which you can try in preview without saving, and then select the right one.

Once you’ve selected an aspect ratio, pinch to zoom or pan to move the video within the cropped area. Once satisfied, press Done to save the video with a different aspect ratio and cropped.

At any time, on Photos for iPhone and iPad, you can restore the original video using the button Restore.

3) Crop & Trim Video

The best app for cropping videos is Crop & Trim Videoavailable for free for Android.

The app is very simple, it asks you to choose the operation to carry out and then select the video to work on it automatically.The Crop option it is the one used to crop a part of the video to display only the selected area.

Using your finger you can zoom and resize the crop frame, move it and then, when satisfied, confirm and save the new video.

The other options allow you to cut part of the video (therefore eliminate a piece of it), to apply enhancement or blurring effects (Blur), which can be used to give more importance to a part of the scene by putting the other.

4) Quik

Another application which allows you to change the aspect ratio is Quick the GoPro, which I had already talked about in another article. In Quik, press the + button to add a video from the gallery or Google Photos, then tap the pencil button to enter the editing tools from which we can choose the one we want Crop.

Furthermore, in Quick, you can scroll through the various tools at the bottom (without entering edit mode) to find the one called Portrait That change the aspect ratio of the video. So it is possible to commutein an optimized way, a horizontal video to vertical and vice versa or make a square video.

The third app to mention in this article is, certainly, InShotwhich among its tools has a Crop tool very similar to that of the iPhone, where you just drag and resize the frame to select the part to frame and the part to exclude.

Also, in crop mode, it is possible resize the video to make it square or with aspect ratio 4:5 (perfect for Instagram), 16:9, 9:16 (perfect for TikTok) or other ready-made aspect ratios.

5) PowerDirector

The ultimate app to crop any video is PowerDirectordownloadable for free from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

The app works in a similar way to a non-linear editor for PC: you load the video into the central timeline and, using the tools present in the app, you edit the video according to your needs, removing unnecessary scenes, cropping only the part of the scene we want to recreate or by changing the aspect ratio and aspect ratio, saving the new edited video in any video format.


To quickly crop videos on Android and iPhone the apps we recommend you always use are Google Photos and the integrated Photos app on the iPhone. These two tools should be sufficient for quick changes, without any special needs. If, however, we want to edit the videos more thoroughly we can rely on PowerDirector or one of the other apps seen in the guide.

To learn more we can read the guide on how Compress videos and reduce file size on PC.

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