Invoice programs Self-employed workers who have a VAT number, small businesses and companies can benefit from a billing program, which is simple to use and which presents itself as a decisive step forward compared to making one invoice with Excel which is typically used for this purpose.

Invoice programs they allow us to keep all transactions safe on our computer, allow us to record expenses and income in an orderly way, to find each operation easily, to create reports and graphs for the progress, to find out when and why we spend more, to register the bills paid and also to generate useful documents for the accountant for the tax return, to download from taxes, such as invoices or even withholding taxes and other tax documents.

In the following guide we will show you the best free billing and accounting programs available for free on PC in Italian. Some of them may have the defect of a spartan and not always well-finished interface that can make them look “ugly”, but they are nevertheless complete and suitable for work and professional purposes.

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The first program that we recommend you use to manage the invoices of our activities is SDiPEC, downloadable for free from the official website.

With this program we can manage electronic invoices as recommended by the Revenue Agency, so as to have an integrated tool that is easy to use in every company. With this program we can also manage the PEC, send and receive invoices to the PA (Public Administration) and between private B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business To Consumer), generate expense graphs and export all invoices in XML, so to be able to turn them to the accountant.

2) AssoInvoice

Another great free billing and accounting free program is AssoInvoice, which we can download for free from the official site for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Using this program we will have an electronic invoice manager with which to open and catalog all the XML invoices already in our possession, sorting them by date or by other customized filters. With this program we can also create new invoices, change the billing period or set precise parameters to be kept for invoices arriving from a particular email address.

In the program there are many useful features for those who manage company accounting: we can in fact print one or more invoices in bulk and create additional save files, so that they can be synchronized in the cloud.

3) Easy Planet Free

Easy Planet Free is the free version of a professional account management platform that is perfect for those with a VAT number.
Easy Planet Free

Easy Planet Free is an Italian invoice program, which can be used both to control the accounting management of the professional activity and which also allows you to issue well-formatted and properly written invoices. With this program it is possible to create a customer and supplier database, to manage the warehouse, that is the products bought and to be sold, to manage transport documents and issue credit notes and invoices quickly and easily. Among the main peculiarities is that of being able to create invoices addressed to the Public Administration, for those who work for the State.

The issued invoices can be sent directly from the program that sends them to the cloud and generates links that recipients can access to download the document. This program is perhaps the cleanest and most refined from an aesthetic point of view, it comes with many guides and manuals in Italian and is one of the easiest and most modern to use.

4) ErgoSoft Management

ErgoSoft Gestionale is a solid program suitable for the management of commercial activities and shops.
ErgoSoft Management

This program is simple to use and capable, in the free version, of performing all standard operations: issuing transport documents, invoices, credit notes, debit notes, tax receipts, warehouse management, inventory management and viewing statistics. . It is currently one of the most complete management software for invoices, above all because it is completely translated into Italian.

5) Invoicex

Invoicex is a billing program in Java, therefore easily downloadable on any operating system.

Invoicex is presented as a very simple program, open source and free in the basic version. While it doesn’t look great, this is perfect software for the purpose of creating invoices, managing customers, suppliers, inventory, orders, and quotes.

Other invoice programs

If the programs seen so far have not convinced you completely and we are looking for valid alternatives that are always free and easy to use, we can take a look at the list of invoice management software present below, so you can download and try other useful programs for companies. and small businesses.

  • FattureServizi is a program as simple as it is functional, programmed by an Italian developer on Access. Even if it does not have all the functions of the most professional programs, this is a perfect tool for the small accounting of VAT numbers, autonomous and professionals, which specifically serves to manage the database of customers, products and services, to record payments and deadlines, to view reports and generate PDF documents such as invoices. The installation is a bit laborious so you have to follow the guide provided on the developer’s website.
  • Gestionale Open is a true open source business management program, which takes care of all business activities: work, purchases, sales, warehouse. For the use of this software, a forum and assistance are provided by the company that takes care of its development and distribution.
  • MicroFatture Extra is a free, simple and basic program that is still perfect for those who just need a tool to issue personalized invoices. You can then send multiple invoices to different customers by generating them automatically from this program, without having to write them one by one.
  • Phasis is one of the best open source programs that can be used to manage all the commercial and administrative activities of a company, from the warehouse to the customer and supplier registry, to the printing of invoices and other accounting documents. With an interface in Italian it is rather intuitive to understand and use, even if the functions are many.
  • GAzie is a program that is specifically used to create, issue, print, manage and archive invoices, as well as manage any other administrative and financial aspect of the company. Invoices created can also be opened and viewed with Microsoft Office or LibreOffice.
  • Migg is the name of a software company that releases some of its products for free including SmartStudio for the management of invoicing in professional firms and then also GIM, for professionals, companies, businesses and artisans.
  • Yuza is another open source program that can be downloaded for free in Italian. With Yuza you can manage customers, products, suppliers, orders, sales and products of a company and create documents (which can be customized with a logo) such as invoices (immediate and deferred), delivery notes, bills, receipts and credit notes.

We choose the management software that is right for us and start using it in the company, without time limits and without the need to sign up for a subscription or purchase a license for use.


Invoice management software does not necessarily have to be expensive and difficult to use programs: as seen in the previous chapters we can very well manage invoices and company accounting with free programs, with an interface in Italian and with easy-to-use interfaces, so as to be able to minimize the effort for accounting for the activities carried out by the company.

To learn more we can also read try one of the business management, accounting and finance programs.
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