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Business management
In the business field, the best solutions are always sought for the management of the various branches of the company and there are complex and very expensive programs for even simple operations. On the Internet, in addition to paid commercial programs, we also find gods completely free open source programs and software that can do the same things as commercial ones which require, as the only investment, the human one in the sense of studying the product and adapting to the specific company reality.After then seeing some management programs and software aimed at economic budgets and money movements, in this guide we will show you the best free and open-source open source software for business and business management.

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Free management programs

The categories in which these programs fall are those of Business management including Accounting or Accounting, CRM / ERP, Document Management, Project Management, E-Commerce, and Human Resources. Their common feature and modernity lie in their easy implementation and integration even as web applications.

Accounting or Accounting

For the branch Accounting or Accounting, we can use Invoicex, available from the official website.

Invoicex is a complete accounting and invoice generation solution, with advanced financial reporting and inventory management tools. Invoicex allows you to easily create supplier offers and orders for each customer, define and catalog products and inventory for multiple locations, and create work orders or create customizable reports.

Another very useful management software for invoices and accounting is Planet Classic Free, available for download from the official website.
Planet Classic

Planet Classic Free is the ideal tool for generating invoices, receipts, statements, estimates, and quotes with ease. Basically, it is one that works through a database that keeps the history and that keeps track of products, customers, creditors, taxes, and types of payment. There are three types of invoices: a detailed invoice which allows you to specify the quantity and type of items, one which requires only a description of the services and the gross amount, and an invoice for consultancy. Once an invoice has been generated, it can be exported to various formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or HTML.

CRM / ERP management software

For the CRM / ERP they are very important for managing medium and large level companies, having to integrate multiple departments into a single software. Among the best management of this type, we find Odoo, available for download from the official website.

Odoo is one of the most famous and widespread ERP and CRM suites in the world, which has capabilities ranging from CRM to accounting with over 200 functional modules that we can install on the management system to expand the functionality, so as to be able to cover every department or every aspect of the company in one place.

Another very interesting ERP management software is Openbravo, available for download from the official website.

Openbravo is an advanced management tool based on a web application (therefore accessible online via the cloud) with an Open Source license, which allows complete control over the data of all sectors of the organization and distribution, with an eye to the sales department and the management of the warehouse and invoices for individual suppliers. A program that can be easily integrated with other business applications, so as to be able to control from a single cloud platform.

Another valid ERP management software that we can use in the company is Open management software, available from the official website.
Open management software

Open is a management software completely free and without any time limit that includes various project management tools, with the possibility of expanding the functionality through modules that are simple to configure. Open Management System offers powerful control over business relationships and has no use limitations, making it an indispensable tool for small and medium-sized enterprises. You can plan and manage internal sales, marketing, customer service and more, using a customizable panel.

To test a good CRM management software we can rely on Vtiger, available for download from the official website.

vTiger combines excellent CRM software with ease of use that greatly reduces the learning curve of this kind of product, with the possibility of exploiting integration modules for each type of activity and obtaining advanced calculation tools through Intelligence artificial. Vtiger is publicly considered a must-try suite for every small and medium business.

Document Management (DMS)

Among the types of management that we can use in the office, it cannot be missing Document Management, which deals with document management and the creation of dedicated repositories. Among the best management for documents that we can try stands out Seismic, available for download from the official website.

With Seismic software (i.e. KnowledgeTree by Seismic e KnowledgeTree Launchpad) we can monitor, share and collaborate on documentary resources and for communication between employees, so as to maintain order on shared files and better manage company traffic, taking care to keep all the movement of documents in a centralized database accessible only to the company manager.

Another DMS management software that we can try is LogicalDOC, open-source software available from the official website.

LogicalDOC works as a multi-user repository for documents and file publishing, but it can also be used without problems to manage documents to be published on the web. This management software is suitable for companies, small businesses but can also be used without license problems by a group of people or simply for personal use.

Human Resources (HRM)

Also to manage the human resources of the company it is necessary to use a state-of-the-art management system, so as to always be able to keep under control the staff of the company, the new hires, and the permissions assigned to each member of the company (also for access to other company management systems that may be in use). For human resource management, we recommend that you try now OpenHRM, available from the official website.


OpenHRM is free and open-source management software and is without a doubt the most popular solution to manage a company’s workforce, starting from the hiring processes, taking into account the entire work management cycle up to differential payments and the management of layoffs.

Among the best management to manage the workforce we also find TimeTrex, accessible from the official website.

TimeTrex is a Web-based tool for managing payments and working time, with an innovative facial recognition system for the authentication of users in the company, who will thus be able to generate precise timestamps for their entry and exit times. , thus abandoning the old methods based on paper or on code recognition.

Project Management

For Project Management we have very famous programs already used on a permanent basis in every company. If we have recently opened the company we can rely on the programs included within the Microsoft Office suite, as also seen in the guide Create Gantt for projects and schedules: programs to use.
If we are looking for something free we can bet on the free suite LibreOffice, available for download from the official website.

Once the suite has been downloaded to our company computer, we can use the Gantt Chart (Simple) and Gantt Chart Template templates to create temporal projects, so as to have the company’s objectives immediately clear and share them with the various departments or departments.


Considering the difficult periods that Italian companies have experienced over the last few years and given that many companies end up cutting the workforce, it would be preferable to try to save on management tools and software since it is possible and given that the power of the source is in no way inferior to that of programs celebrated as market leaders.

To try other open-source programs, we invite you to read our guides Best sites with free open source programs free to download e Best free open source programs for Windows, commercial software alternatives.


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