Beyerdynamic for the first time left the world of wired audio by trying its first pair of true wireless earphones, the Free BYRD, with active noise cancellation.
Free BYRD: Beyerdynamic's true wireless earphones with ANC are official

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Beyerdynamic is a well-known German premium audio brand, which has been making high quality products since 1924. After delighting fans with the DT 100 wired headphones, used by both Pink Floyd and BBC commentators, adapting to modern trends, it has made its first pair of true wireless earphones, the Free BYRD, priced at € 229.00 on Amazon or on the brand’s official store.

The Free BYRD earphones, available in Gray or Black, have a shape reminiscent of a guitar pick: they are light, weighing 7 grams per unit, and IPX4 waterproof against sweat and splashes of water. To ensure a comfort surface for users, they can be combined with 5 sets of silicone tips of different sizes, or with 3 sets of memory foam tips. The external surfaces support via touch the management of calls, volume adjustment, management of music tracks, and the use of Alexa, Siri and Assistant voice assistants (but without the support for the related “Hei Siri” style hot words).

Inside, the Free BYRD earphones house 10 mm drivers, indicated to ensure powerful bass without going to the detriment of the highs, judged to be brilliant: thanks to the MIY companion app and Mimi Sound technology, it is possible to carry out a small audiometric test in order to adjust the sound output to the user’s hearing abilities, so as to fill any deficits that may emerge on some frequency bands. The connection with the source, fast in the case of Android devices (Fast Pair), takes place via Bluetooth 5.2, with support for the AAC and aptX Adaptive codecs: during gaming or watching a film, it is possible to activate a special mode that reduces latency.

What puts the Free BYRD earphones in competition with Apple’s AirPods Pro and Bowers & Wilkins P17 is active noise cancellation, ANC which, however, is more effective on external noises (jackhammers, barking dogs, lawn mowers) than with voices in small and closed environments: the transition from ANC to transparency mode is in any case very fluid. In favor of the telephone calls, the two microphones per unit intervene, which highlight the voice with respect to background noises, however leaving it completely natural.

In terms of autonomy, the Free BYRD earphones ensure 8.5 hours of conversation and as many hours of listening to music with ANC: by doing without active noise cancellation, you get to 11 hours, which rise to 30 with the case, capable of charging in Type-C and Wireless Qi. Because of the fast charging, you get 70 minutes of extra operation in 10 minutes of energy top-up.


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