best chess games and also checkers to play on iPhone and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets and via the web from your computer

Chess and checkers games Chess and checkers have always been a must in board games. In addition to playing it live, we can also play it online on sites that offer everything you need to play chess and checkers online, challenging the computer and challenging other players in online multiplayer games.

In the following guide we will show you the best chess and checkers games to play on Android, iPhone and iPadas well as the best sites to play online directly from the browser, without downloading anything.

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1) Chess games for smartphones and tablets

1) Chess Time – Multiplayer Chess is the world’s most played multiplayer chess game and is available for iPhone/iPad and for Android. The game allows you to play with strangers or even with friends, in one-on-one challenges that can last days. Then there are the rankings, the statistics, the possibility of reviewing the moves and a game can also last several days without having to close it once it has started.

2) Chess is the game of the site, available for Android e iPhone/iPad free. You can play games against the computer or even challenging other people in online games. As per the title, the game also provides tutorials, videos and lessons for winning Chess games.

3) Chess for Android instead, it is the most popular game ever, only for smartphones and tablets Android. In this case the game is definitely smarter and you play against the computer with various levels of difficulty and an artificial intelligence that won’t let any distractions pass.

4) Free Chess instead it is the game made specifically for iPhone e iPadso you can play against the computer at different difficulty levels.

5) Chessable is a chess player learning app available for Android and for iPhone. With this app we can find out how to play chess well following the courses of the best chess professionals and grandmasters, learning new moves and game strategies and learning how to apply them in various contexts.

We remind you that we can play chess on Messenger from smartphones and tablets, as well as being able to play on Facebook Web Messenger site. To do this, just send a written message in chat @fbchess play. Immediately the chess board opens, we are the blacks while the person I’m chatting with moves the whites and moves first.

2) Checkers games for smartphones and tablets

1) You can play checkers on your phone with using an app like Ladies Eliteavailable for iPhone/iPad and for Android). The app is simple and accurate and allows you to play alone against the computer or compete online against all other checkers players.

2) Another app that we can use to play checkers is Checkersdownloadable for iPhone/iPad and for Android. The app is very nice but it follows the rules of the english checkersso a different game strategy is required (pawns can eat kings, so you have to be very careful).

3) To play Italian checkers we advise you to download the app Agitateavailable for Android and for iPhone/iPadwhich instead follows the rules of the Italian lady.

4) Another very good app to play free checkers on your phone or tablet is Italian checkerswhich we can download for for iPhone and for Androidfollowing the rules of Italian checkers and offering both online play and solo play against the computer.

5) For Android we can also download the app Ladies at CC Gamesfor many users the best game of checkers that we can download to our tablet or phone to play a fun and relaxing game of checkers.

3) Online chess games

1) To play chess via the web, the reference site is without a doubt On this site you can play with friends or against the computer. has the largest user base in the world, you can also learn the game by following chess videos and lessons and solve chess puzzles to improve your playing technique.

2) Chess is also one of the most popular games are Facebook; in fact, we can play chess directly from the social network using the game Chess FBgreat for playing free online against other players or against friends in multiplayer matches.

3) GameKnot is an international chess site where you can play against other players or against the computer. It requires the registration of an account and you can decide how long a game will last, even creating games with customized rules.

4) is a site that allows you to play many of the most popular board games online, including a fun and colorful version of chess against a virtual player.

5) Lichess is another valid site where you can play chess online in multiplayer, using the most common regulations and always finding many opponents to face in official matches, excellent for quickly climbing the ELO ranking.

4) Online games of checkers

1) Always on the site we can play checkers against an excellent artificial intelligence, which will put us to the test in the game of checkers directly in the browser, without downloading anything.

2) 247 Checkers is another valid site to immediately play checkers against the computer or against online players, challenging the best interpreters of the game or familiarizing yourself with the game mechanics against opponents at our same level.

3) Checkers online is the site that allows you to learn how to play checkers and to immediately play online against other players, so as to immediately put into practice the new moves and strategies developed for this game.

4) Silvergames Checkers Online is an online site where you can immediately play checkers against a very skilled computer, which will put any opponent’s skills to the test.

5) GameTable Checkers is another good site to practice playing checkers against a virtual player.


Playing checkers or chess from our phone, tablet or browser has never been easier. The apps above are all very nice to look at and faithfully follow all the rules of the two games, allowing us to spend peaceful hours of fun against the computer or playing against real opponents.

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