Free designer programs to design clothes and fashion

Fashion clothesFor those who are passionate about clothes and fashion, the tools of the trade have always been pencil and paper, on which all the imagination and creativity of a stylist (or future such) is released. Nowadays, with technology advancing more and more in all sectors, we can combine the pencil and the paper with any computer, on which it is possible to design fashion clothes with very refined and precise drawing or fashion design programs (and in many cases even faster).If we want to work in the fashion industry or just want to try to design some clothes, you have come to the right guide: here we will show you the best free programs to design clothes and fashion downloadable on Windows, so that we can unleash our imagination and inspiration in complete freedom without paying for expensive specialized programs (often reserved only for those who have worked in the sector for some time).

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Programs for designing clothes

All the programs that we will show you can be used for free on Windows 10, without paying any license costs. To be able to draw correctly the mouse hardly lends itself to the purpose, since it is not as precise as the wrist of our hand could be; before venturing into the design of clothes then we recommend that you buy one graphics tablet, like the one available on Amazon for less than 70 €.

Fashion Design Sketches

The first program that we can use on PC to design clothes and fashion is Fashion Design Sketches, downloadable for Windows 10 directly from the Microsoft Store.

Fashion Design Sketches

This program, suitable for both beginners and experts in the field, provides numerous models for men and women and has a wide range of color palettes, which allow the stylist to mix and match various combinations to create a cutting-edge outfit. The finished drawings can be saved both as image files and printed directly with the printer already added to the system, so as to always take the sketches with us.

Since the app is available from the Microsoft Store, it is extremely optimized for use on Windows 10 and is the ideal choice for those who want a clothing design app with an intuitive user interface that is simple to understand and learn.


Another application that we can download on the computer to design clothes is Valentina, available for download from the official website (also portable, without installation).

Valentina fashion

This open source program (also available for Mac and Linux) provides drawing tools that are easy to use and learn, also thanks to the very simplified user interface (within the reach of a novice). With it we can make any kind of sketch and add colors, style, pattern, fabric texture and much more.

Among its strengths we point out the model creation system, which allows you to generate unlimited models with a simple click of the mouse. Also in this case the finished drawing can be saved as a simple image file or sent directly to the switched on and connected printer.


Another very interesting program for designing clothes and fashion is Tailornova, accessible directly online from the official website.


This webapp works on all modern browsers (on any operating system) and provides ready-to-use design templates, so you can apply the desired changes, patterns and colors starting from a ready-made sketch. Among other things, this site allows you to examine the 3D clothing samples and the model on virtual paper, so as to be able to obtain projects very similar to those available in fashion houses. Some ready-to-use models are for a fee, but nothing prevents you from using only the free tools to make the desired dress.

It is currently the most complete and fastest fashion design software, also considering its free nature: with it we will be able to complete the drawing with a few taps on the graphic tablet and decide whether to save the model on your personal account (free and optional), whether to save it on a file locally or whether to send it directly to the printer.


If we are looking for a 3D modeling program with which to “give life” to the clothes we make, the best choice is without a shadow of a doubt. Blender, downloadable from the official website.


This open source program (also available for Mac and Linux) allows you to work on 3D human models and dress them up with your own clothing and clothing patterns, drawn directly within the program or imported from other clothing design programs. All the tools in Blender are meant for the professional 3D design, therefore it can be very difficult to use this type of technology if we have not done specific courses of study or have not learned the fundamentals of 3D design: if we are beginner users or just want to make clothes without too many pretensions it is therefore advisable to rely on a of the alternatives present above and, only when we feel ready enough, switch to Blender to see the dress on a polygonal model similar to a man or a woman.

At the end of the tiring work with Blender it is possible to save the project with a dedicated extension or send the model to the printer, so that you can have a hard copy of the fashionable dress created with this extraordinary program. To learn more we can also read our guides Draw 3D objects, graphics and three-dimensional animations or Adobe Creative alternatives: free audio and video graphics editing programs.


With the fashion and clothing programs listed above we will be able to unleash our creativity and create beautiful designs of clothes or outfits, regardless of the skill we have: in fact, there are simpler and affordable programs and programs designed for those who already work in the sector or have studied to become an established stylist.

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