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Financial management
Financial management programs tend to always be commercial products, given that they are reserved for specific jobs and activities in the office and carry out very complex and detailed activities: usually only accountants are able to fully use them, since they are full of mathematical functions and financials that many users don’t even know about.Even if they are rare there are still gods free financial management programs, which we can download as a trial (of a full commercial program) or as a free program, often available as an open source license. In this article we will show you the best free programs aimed at managing money and finances, which can be used both in the home and in small offices.

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1) iPase

The first program that we can use for free to manage money and budgets is iPase, available for download from the official website and also accessible online (without installing anything on the PC).

This program has a very simple interface with which to enter all personal expenses or business expenses, so as to obtain a complete report of the expenses incurred over the course of a week, a month or a year. The program allows you to divide income and expenses by each type of business or by category, so as to be clear where the most has been spent and where it is necessary to intervene to save something.

The peculiarity of this program is the synchronization via personal cloud, which allows you to resume shopping management even when we are away from home, simply by accessing the web version of the program. In this way we can add expenses or receipts from a public PC or directly from the phone, using the Google Chrome browser.

2) GnuCash

GnuCash is the very effective program for personal financial management and small office budget management, as it also has functions designed for business accounting.

The interface is simple to use, very functional and fully respects the accounting principles. The most notable features of GnuCash are the support for double entry, operations planning, online verification the status of your stock investments and automatically synchronized and support for importing and exporting Quicken files (OFX / QFX). GnuCash is available for free for Windows, Linux and Mac and it is too in Italian with documentation and manuals all in Italian.

3) Money Manager Ex

Another very good program for financial management is Money Manager Ex. This program is very similar to GnuCash, it can manage your financial situation and even your personal investment accounts, with speed and little effort.

Money Manager Ex provides a large screen with details of operations, so you can see all the money movements at a glance and immediately obtain the calculation of income and expenses, choosing between the various categories of expenditure or choosing which department to control. Money Manager Ex can be run on Windows Mac and Linux and is available in Italian.

4) HomeBank

Among the most graphically curated programs for personal financial management or the management of a small company we also find HomeBank, available for free download from the official website.

This management program offers a curated screen with all incoming and outgoing items, convenient buttons to add expenses and income and can also generate handy graphs, so as to always keep an eye on the trend of weekly, monthly or annual shopping. This program can also be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux and is available in Italian.

5) Quicken

Quicken is one of the best money management software, and certainly the most popular and sold. Not only does it allow you to easily manage money, but it also has several useful functions for creating reminders, managing the budget of portfolio investments and stocks on the stock exchange.

Quicken, although it has an extremely simple interface to use, is aimed primarily at financial and professional investors and brokers and allows you to monitor stock quotes online and keep track of your investments. Quicken’s purchase price ranges from $ 39.99 to $ 99.99 and it only works on Windows and Mac. We can anyway try it for free for 30 days, so as to evaluate whether or not to keep it on the computer.

6) Grisbi

Grisbi is a simple and intuitive program, characterized by a clear interface that makes organizing finances a breeze.

All options are organized in tabs which can be accessed quickly. The default currency used in Grisbi is the euro, but it is possible easily enter other currencies as well. By entering the right exchange rate it is also possible to convert coins automatically. You can manage multiple accounts together, different categories of income and expenditure of money and balance sheet items.

The greatest merit of Grisbi is its ability to generate relationships between the various items and to present data in numerous ways with very detailed graphic reports which can be exported in CSV or HTML format. Grisbi is available, for free, for Windows, Linux and Mac and is also in Italian language and equipped with manual always in Italian.

7) JGnash

JGnash is Java-based software and therefore can be used on almost all platforms that support Java.

When starting jGnash for the first time, you may be puzzled to find a blank screen, with very few instructions on how to get started, however it is packed with features that you can explore with a little patience. In addition to managing your finances, jGnash allows also to monitor the bank account and investment transactions.

If we are experts in Java programming it is also possible to create Javascript and manage them in jGnash by customizing the program and implementing new functions in a completely autonomous way, so as to create the perfect management software for our expenses.

8) Acemoney

Acemoney is a very famous and very powerful management program, which we can try for free on our PC or Mac for 30 days, with no obligation to purchase.

This program offers all the basic functions for the financial management, budget management, tracking investment performance, payments of accounts, monitoring of debts and mortgages and other things. In fact it is a commercial program but that we can try in the trial version, so as to choose later whether to buy the license or turn to one of the many free alternatives.


The best management programs are certainly paid, but nothing prevents you from trying the free software (many of which are open source) in this list: in them we will find excellent management programs for money, budgets and personal investments, so as to be able to keep spending under control .

If we have a company, it is always better to have a management with electronic invoicing, so as to immediately generate the invoices to be sent to the Revenue Agency. If, on the other hand, we don’t want to use programs, we can always record and manage personal expenses thanks to a Google Docs module.


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