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Using the computer to listen to music is a great classic and it is possible to do it from music CDs (if we still have a player or a burner), from the collected MP3 files or using one of the many programs that allow you to listen to music streaming on the Internet, completely free and legally (no download sites and pirate sites!).
In this list we then show you Windows PC programs, to download free and to be installed (or even to be used in a portable version), to listen to music via the internet in continuous playback, so as to accompany your evenings in front of the PC or to facilitate your work when we are in the studio or in the office, increasing the level of concentration and allowing you to isolate yourself from external (often annoying) noises.READ ALSO: Best programs to hear music on your PC (Windows)

How to listen to free music from PC

In order to listen to music via the internet, we will have to use some Windows PC programs that allow you to listen to continuous music by choosing a genre radio, an Italian or foreign radio or even looking for the name of an artist or the title of a song.
All the programs that we will report to you are free, so we will not have to pay any subscription while listening (in some cases we will have to put up with the advertising, necessary to finance the project).

TuneIn Radio

The first app we recommend you try to listen to free music from your PC is TuneIn Radio, available as an app for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store.
TuneIn Radio

Once installed, just press the button Browse left side and enter the name of the Italian radio we want to listen to (RTL 102.5, Radio R101, 105 Hits, Virgin Radio, etc.).
With this app on the PC, it will be like listening to music on the radio in the car, with the songs chosen by the DJs of the various broadcasters: just choose the favorite one to get non-stop music immediately.
To learn more, please read our guide Radio streaming Tunein via web and on Windows 10.

Spotify Free

If we love listening to Spotify music for free but don’t want to leave a browser window open, we can download the Xpo Music app, a revised and corrected version of the official Spotify app.
Spotify Free

By associating the free Spotify account with the app, we will be able to listen to music without limits and benefit from other interesting features such as theme change, integration with Cortana’s voice commands, playback control bar, mini player and integration with the taskbar.
If we want to know all the details of Spotify for free, please read our guide on how to use Spotify to listen to all the music via the web from your PC for free.

Amazon Prime Music

If we already have an active Amazon Prime account, we can access a selection of songs from the Amazon Music service directly on our PC, by downloading the Amazon Music app directly from the Microsoft Store.
Amazon Music

By opening the app and logging in with the Amazon account on which Prime is active we will immediately have access to about 2 million selected songs, so we can start a continuous playback of a favorite genre and fill our days accompanied by a good music background.
Compared to Spotify there is no advertising message and the reproduction quality is very good.
If we have never used Amazon Music before, we can read our guide Free streaming music for everyone with Amazon Music.


If we love listening to music starting from videos shared on the web, it may be a good idea to try also the TubePlayer app, available as an installer, and in a portable version (without installation).

Once this app has started, all we have to do is search for the music videos or playlists available on the Internet and start playing them, as if we had a real full music streaming service in front of us.
Among the most popular features, there is also the possibility to create your own playlists and save them locally (only the video links will be saved, not the actual video!), So that you can restart them at any time without doing the whole search again songs.

Other programs to listen to PC music

What we have shown you so far are the best programs that we can install on a Windows PC to listen to music for free in streaming without subscriptions and without having to spend even a penny; in addition to the programs mentioned, we can try those in the list below, so as to always have alternatives ready.

  • Nexus Radio is a personalized radio program to listen to on the internet with continuous playback. During the installation of the program, you have to skip the sponsor and then register for the service with a boring procedure in which you can safely write random things and then invent your email address and all the required fields. The program, despite the initial bad impression, works really well, not only to search for music stations by genre and type, but it is also possible to search for artists and song titles and listen to songs by Vasco Rossi or U2 freely streaming. You can also save your favorite songs and radio stations so you can find them easily. The program also has a recorder, to record radios and save the songs you like to listen to them offline.
  • TapinRadio is a program that connects to web radios to listen to them from your PC. The program has a long list of radios from around the world to choose from and tune in with a double click. Searching for “Italy” you can scroll through all the Italian radio stations and listen to them freely. Unfortunately, this little program hasn’t been updated in a while, so some radios no longer work. TapinRadio also has a paid version called RarmaRadio, which however is not worth buying.
  • Screamer Radio is a popular online radio aggregator that allows you to choose to listen to a station based on the genre of music. There are many different radios to listen and save as you prefer, the program works well, listening is continuous, and without added advertising, only that there are no Italian radios in its database.
  • Clementine is a program that I had previously mentioned among the alternatives for WinAmp, which has the distinction of supporting listening to music via the internet from services such as Soundcloud and Spotify. In the left column of the program, there is an Internet section that opens all the supported streaming music services. Among these, the integration of Soundcloud works well which being a free site does not impose limits on use and then also Icecast, Jazzradio, Dropbox, SomaFM.

We can also install them all and see which programs best suit our musical needs so that we always have something to listen to when we are on the PC.

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Who said that you need to pay a monthly subscription to listen to good music? With the tools we have mentioned above, we can hear free music from PC without paying any recurring subscription (we can only exclude Amazon Prime, which you pay once a year and offers many other benefits besides free music tracks).

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