The 10 indispensable Android applications, among the lesser known ones, to be installed on every smartphone

Must-have apps Everyone has their own list of apps they always install when they buy a new Android phone, but many users coming from iPhone or other types of phones often don’t know which must-have apps to install on their new phone, limiting themselves to using the built-in apps on the phone or testing many apps before finding the right ones.

In the following guide we have collected the must have apps on androiddesigned to add functions not present on all telephones, to benefit from the advantages of the new system and to obtain useful information from the world around us.

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1) File manager

And great file manager must have on every android phone is Files by Google. The app displays each folder on the phone, allows you to see file types and categories and also offers tools to clean up memory, recover space automatically and instantly send files between two phones with the same app.

Alternatively we can use other tested apps such as X-Plore File Manager or how Solid Explorer.

2) Office document manager

Read office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) is a piece of cake on Android, as you just download the app Microsoft 365. The app in question allows you to open office documents with any extension, offers quick editing of the contents and allows you to synchronize them in the Microsoft cloud (OneDrive), so you can also find them on your PC or Mac.

As a viable alternative we can always use WPS Office or the office apps made by Google itself (Google documents, Google Sheets e Google Slides).

3) Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence cannot be missing on new phones, using the apps that integrate the most famous and used chatbots. The best app to activate AI on your phone is Bingbased on the synthesis engine of Bing Chat; always Bing themed we can take advantage of artificial intelligence in a full browser like Microsoft Edge.

To learn more we can also read our guides on how to use Bing Chat con GPT-4 su Chrome, Firefox o altri browser come on how to use ChatGPT on phone.

4) Fast file transfer

For the fast transfer of files, images and documents between various devices we advise you to use Files by Google (already seen as file manager) or use the function Share o Proximity sharing integrated into our Android device.

Other valid apps to send even very large files are Telegram or a specific app like Send Anywhere.

To learn more, we can continue reading in the guide to app to send files from android smartphone.

5) Audio and video file player

As a universal audio and video player nothing beats it VLCa point of reference in the PC world for decades and for some years the best player for media content saved in the device memory.

Other apps that we can try themed are MX Player, FX Player, My video e Musicolet Music Player.

6) Convert paper documents to PDF

Among the most popular functions on modern phones we find the automatic conversion of paper documents to PDF: frame any document with the rear camera and you get a digital scan in PDF formatready to share.

The best app of this genre is Microsoft Lensbut we can try with satisfaction too Adobe Scan, Microsoft OneNote e CamScanner.

On this topic we can read the guide to best scanner apps to scan from phone.

7) Synchronization of photos taken

Anyone who takes lots of photos with their phone doesn’t want to lose them if their phone is damaged or lost; to get one backup copy of all shots taken with the Android phone let’s configure the app Google Photo and we take advantage of the free space provided by Google (15 GB) to save all the shots taken.

To learn more we can read our guides on how Google Photos works come on where to save all the photos taken without losing them.

8) Recognition of objects, images and landscapes

Our phone’s rear camera can recognize objects, flowers, landscapes, monuments and food using a recognition app like Google Lens.

We have spoken in depth about this app in our guides on how to use google lens and on ways to use google for image recognition.

9) Instant translation (with augmented reality)

A modern telephone must be able to translate in real time what we say or what we are told in an unknown language and help us read signs, notices and messages in foreign languagesusing the rear camera as an augmented reality translation system.

The best app of this genre is Google translatorbut we can use as well Microsoft Translator o l’app DeepL Translator for the recognition and translation of writings and notices.

10) Cloud for shared files and notes

On the latest generation of Android phones, apps for manage your most important files in the cloudwith the possibility of manage shared documents and notes with colleagues, friends and family (you write all together on the same text document).

From this point of view, no one beats Google Drivesince it integrates perfectly with all other Google apps and with the Google account already present on our phone.

As viable alternatives we can also use Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox o MEGA to save your important documents in the cloud.

On the same topic we can read our article on More secure encrypted clouds, which do not spy on files and respect privacy.


These apps should be installed on every Android phone that comes our way, even if someone asks us to put a few useful apps on the new smartphone they just bought. If we don’t remember all the apps, it’s worth saving this article in your browser’s favorites, so you can always have it at hand when you need to install useful and indispensable apps on Android.

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