Playing cards online: Scopa, Uno, Texas Holdem Poker, Burraco, Briscola, Tresette, and solitaire

playing cards on the internet There is no better way to kill time than that of play a card game on the internet, at the PC, free. There are sites to play all the card games: Scopa, Briscola, Tresette, Burraco, and, if you prefer to play alone and not with other people (on the net), even the solitaires. You can play card games online, alone against the computer or against real opponents in multiplayer. Although I have found several online card games, it must be considered that, by now, the absolute best place to find free online games, is Facebook.
As I have pointed out several times, Facebook allows not only to play beautiful and very varied fun games but also to compete with friends and show off their skills to the community. READ ALSO: best free card games for Android, iPhone, and iPad phones1) One of the best games on Facebook and certainly the best online card game is ONE that you can play on Facebook or online
In this Facebook version, the graphics are really brilliant and there is a nice interaction with the other players, inviting friends to the table and earning tokens. The few who did not know UNO, among the simplest and most amusing card games, can read the instructions on Wikipedia.
At Uno, you can play online, against the computer, on the Flashgames site.

2) On Facebook, you can also play at Fucks online in multiplayer against friends.
The Broom is also up Scopacards with multiplayer and Italian games.
Other sites for playing Scopa from the internet are Scopa King and Scopa Flashgames.

3) Trump, you play online at Briscola King which is the best game, similar to Scopa King.
Other sites are Flashgames and, of course, Facebook with multiplayer mode to play against other friends online.

4) Poker on Facebook is free and you play with fake money, without having to spend a penny with the famous Texas Holdem Poker which brings together over 3 million players worldwide and challenges at the tables with no holds barred.
Ideal for practicing and having fun without anxiety about risking money.

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5) If you like them then gambling halls, it is absolutely necessary to enter the virtual gambling den of
This exceptional Italian website allows you to play online against other people a Briscola, Tresette, Texas Holdem Poker, Burraco, and Scala 40.
The graphics are accurate and well designed, but above all the interactivity that you can have with other players is beautiful, thanks to a chat and the possibility of playing in pairs. All card games are free and work with fake money. You can also find official card game regulations, organized tournaments, and a discussion forum for players.

6) The Italian site My GDM you can play online against other people, the most classic card games: Briscola, Tresette, and Traversone (Busca). You can also choose the cards to use three Piacentini, Neapolitan, Sicilian, Bergamo, and Milanese and you can sign up for free and play with fake money.

7) On the site IlBurraco come on Burraco Online, of course, we play a Burraco.
You play free cards without money and without prizes, only a ranking of the best.
Another site where playing Burraco on the internet is on Facebook, with very competitive challenges between friends.
Jogatina instead it is the site for fans of Burraco.

8) The collection of online games it is perhaps the best for solitaire lovers, whether you use Facebook or whether you prefer a normal site, without account registrations. This portal has some easy and fast card games and solitaire games ideal for passing the time.
For example, I noticed, among the many classic ones in the Puzzle section, Pyramid Solitaire.

9) The site has a whole collection of solitaire games from play online.

10) In other websites, there are some famous solitaire games for PC to play online and for free: Jewel Quest is a mixed solitaire game of which there is also the version to download and install on PC on the Gamehouse site.
Card Quest where you have to turn the cards on the right to make them unpacked compared to those shown on the left.
For the most sophisticated I can recommend the solitaire Fashion Solitaire. where the Barbies must be dressed using the cards.

11) Different solitary you can then download free from the sites:
123 Free Solitaire
3D Solitaire which contains, with three-dimensional graphics, the best and most popular solitaire cards.

12) The Blackjack you can play on Windows 8 by downloading the game for free

Also remembering the list of best table games online, if you want to point out other websites or your favorite card games, this is the right place.

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