Free PEC for citizens of 200 Europen municipalities

From 6 July 2023, following the publication of the AgID guidelines, citizens can indicate on the INAD (National Index of Digital Domiciles) website a PEC address on which to receive communications with legal value from the Public Administration. The initiative aims to simplify relations between public bodies and citizens, also reducing costs for managing mailings. InfoCert announces that citizens residing in 200 Europen municipalities can request a box Free PECusable for any need.

The initiative is the result of an agreement between InfoCert and ANUSCA (National Association of Civil Status and Registry Officers), which provides Demographic Services operators with representative support in all institutional offices and has 5,075 municipalities among its members, representing 86% of the Europen population.

The free PEC of InfoCert and ANUSCA for citizens

With the precise aim of reducing bureaucracy, promoting greater efficiency and sustainability in processes, reducing the use of paper and physical shipments, citizens can request the activation of a free PEC address from one of the most well-known providers offering the service in our country: InfoCert.

The list of 200 municipalities is not currently known: only confirmation has arrived that the project is in the starting blocks in Cesenathe first municipality to join the new opportunity.

On the other hand, the municipalities that have given their availability will be able to benefit from advantages from several points of view: on the one hand the greater speed in forwarding communications with legal value without involving other municipal offices (Notifications, Dispatches, Local Police,…), on the other the maximum convenience of the PEC if compared, for example, with the registered mail traditional.

The activation of a PEC address remains voluntary for the citizen

As we clarified in the article cited at the beginning, there is no obligation – for the citizen – to activate a PEC address nor, much less, to register on INAD, the digital domicile registry. By doing so, however, you will be able to receive communications from the Public Administration, such as tax refunds and tax deductions, notifications and various procedures, but also tax bills, fines and so on. Using the PEC address linked with the respective one digital homecitizens are however in a position to send PEC messages to the Public Administration in a simple and fast way, without even having to attach a scan of their identification document.

This derives precisely from the fact that the PEC address is set on INAD as a digital domicile and that this registration procedure cannot ignore the timely verification of theuser identityvia authentication via SPID or CIE.

The PEC in itself, until some time ago, did not guarantee the identity of the sender but the registration of this delivery on INAD provides proof of this. This also limit however, it is about to fall thanks to the introduction of the European PEC (users are asked to certify their identity for existing PEC accounts).

Be careful to periodically check your PEC

Setting a digital home However, following the creation of a personal PEC mailbox, it is not something to be taken lightly. The Public Administration takes all emails sent to the citizen’s PEC address as delivered and it is up to the citizen to periodically check their content.

Relationships with public bodies are thus significantly simplified but, at the same time, citizens cannot afford to ignore the contents of their PEC inbox. In the case of tax bills and other disputes, the risk is that the deadlines for any appeals will expire or that the fines imposed will not be paid within the established timeframe. Thus being subject to sanctions.

The InfoCert PEC Legalmail inbox is free for the first year, with the possibility of receiving an unlimited number of messages and five free mailings (further mailings are available in packages).

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