Best free programs to do traceroute analysis (tracert) on Windows PC with maps and graphs.

traceroutePer identify the network path that data packets make to go from one computer to another (or to a network device) and the communication time between the PC and a remote server or even a website, there is a tool built into every computer, the Traceroute. It is a computer network analysis tool, useful for verifying if there are communication difficulties if there is an interruption somewhere or breakdowns. Through the Traceroute, it is possible to know all the steps of a data packet from the computer that sends it to the one that receives it.

On Windows, it is possible to execute the traceroute through a command prompt window (which can be found from the Start menu), by running the command Tracert. Using the command line traceroute, however, can be complicated for the less experienced, especially in analyzing the data of the results that may not be clear.

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Who, for work, for necessity, or for pure curiosity, wants to do an analysis of the network paths of IP addresses, websites, or email addresses, to know the turn that is made by the data to go from our PC to another and to check if all the steps are fast enough and without interruptions, to diagnose slow connections or identify the origin of emails or messages, you can take advantage of some free programs that are easier and with richer results than those that can be found through the integrated tool in the PC Tracert.

The traceroute programs visuals have many uses: not only are they used by network administrators to troubleshoot performance issues or make checks, but they are also useful for those with many network-connected devices at home, to identify the data path, to verify the operation of network devices, repeaters or routers and to identify the location of a website. Traceroute programs can also be used to identify Internet problems such as response time and data loss.

Talking about free programs, there are three of the best for doing traceroute or tracert

Path Analyzer Pro

Path Analyzer Pro is a professional traceroute program, free in its reduced version. It can do advanced network path analysis, DNS, Whois, and comprehensive tests to analyze network problems. By integrating all these robust features into a single program, Path Analyzer Pro has become a specialist technician’s tool, which can also be used free of charge for traceroute checks and visually analyze the characteristics of the network path, to know who among the router, the server. or the supplier is responsible for the problems. The program provides detailed reports, graphs, and many tools.

Open Visual Traceroute

Open Visual Traceroute is one of the best free traceroute programs that still works fine for Windows 10. In addition to functioning as a perfect network analyzer, it can measure packet transit delays, visualize the path, visualize 3D and 2D maps. It also works as a Network Packet Sniffer and Whois.

The network packet sniffer allows you to see what data is being sent and received between computers and the internet, while Whois is used to obtain public information about a particular domain, about the owner of a site.

3D Traceroute

3D Traceroute is a free (very old but still good) utility for Windows to detect all the internal characteristics of the Internet connection, useful to find out what is happening if there are slowdowns or interruptions. Just type in the IP or the address of a server or a website to see the path of a data packet in a 3D map, all the details of the intermediate stages, and the time is taken for each connection.

Other resources

The Traceroute is just one of the many tools for network management and internet connection.

Traceroute is a tool that can also be used to solve network packet loss, latency, and jitter problems.

The eTools program for verifying IP and Email addresses is another free program for doing traceroute, alternative to those seen above.


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