Tinyletters, Substacks and sites to send free personalized newsletters to friends, relatives and subscribers, even to thousands of email addresses

Free newsletter creation Anyone who takes care of a website or business can provide a newsletter service to send updated news to interested parties, send group emails or provide personalized offers for the most trusted customers.

Sending quality newsletters requires precise and professional tools, in many cases for a fee. Luckily we can still use gods free online services to send newsletters personalized via Email, even if only for a limited period.

In the following guide we will show you the best sites to send personalized newsletters based on the services and offers presented by our site or by our business, focusing only on services that offer a free trial.

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1) TinyLetter

TinyLetter A good newsletter service to try for free is TinyLetterdesigned to allow send regular or occasional emails to groups of people.

By focusing on this service, you can add recipient email addresses manually, importing them from a CSV file or Gmail, or you can let people sign up voluntarily via a form that can be embedded into a web page. After signing up, you can go to the settings for customize the registration form and to download the code to paste on your blog or web page.

Once two or more subscribers have been collected, the newsletter can be published by writing and personalizing it as desired through the practical tool writing tool with classic formatting options and where you can add pictures and photos. Everything is quick and easy, there are not many design templates to choose because the tool is made for users who don’t want to waste time and don’t want to pay for extra features.

The limit is 5,000 subscribers even if you can contact the site to get more mailings; in case you have more mailings to do and more subscribers and people to send the newsletter to.

2) Substack

Substack If you wanted something more structured for send free newsletters to many peopleyou can use a different online service called Substack.

This online service almost creates a blog, where it is possible to create posts which can then be shared via email without major limitations. Subscriptions can then be managed and those who subscribe can receive personalized emails from the creator, with the name of the sender they want and without advertising inside the Mail.

3) Mailchimp


Among the best sites to send free newsletters we find Mailchimpa true point of reference in the sector and also responsible for the management of TinyLetter.

Mailchimp provides all the tools to be able to create a personalized newsletter campaign and transform the emails sent into easy earnings, advertising both the products on sale and the discounts for the most loyal users.

Mailchimp provides a free forever plan with 1,000 emails per month, Email support for the first 30 days (English only) and a limited number of templates to choose from; if we want even more emails and features we can always try the plans Essentials e Standard free for a month, so as to evaluate the most suitable one for our type of business.

4) Brevo (Sendinblue)


Another valid service to send personalized newsletters via Email is Shortformerly known as Sendinblue.

Brevo is a marketing platform that allows us to reach our users by any means of communication: in addition to newsletters, in fact, we can build relationships with customers through text messages, chats and messages on social networks.

The free plan offers 300 emails per day, customizable email templatesdrag and drop editor and SMS and WhatsApp campaigns, a truly excellent plan to be able to immediately start getting familiar with the platform and create effective advertising campaigns.

5) MailerLite


Among the best services for free newsletters we also find MailerLitean excellent alternative to all the services seen so far.

MailerLite provides the best free plan to start making newsletters: we can in fact cover up to 1,000 users, send 12,000 emails per monthaccess advanced support for the first 30 days, create up to 10 landing pages, use an email automation system, use a drag and drop editor and create effective sites and form fillings.


We don’t have to ask the hand of a marketing expert to start expanding our online audience! With the right sites we can do it all by ourselvesusing predefined templates and services designed to send personalized newsletters via Email or via other platforms.

For those who want to easily create a website, we advise you to read our guides to best sites to create a professional free web page come on how to create a site with quick and easy web editors.


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