Free up space in Gmail if it runs out

How to free up space in your Gmail account if it’s full and you can’t send or receive emails

Gmail out of mail All Google services, that is Drive, Gmail and Photos, they use the same storage space. This means that, in the free version, all Google services share a common space that can run out.

If we consider that the space is equal to 15 GB, it’s easy to imagine that if you upload hundreds of photos and videos, there is very little space left for emails or other files. If you run out of free space offered by Google, a message will appear in Gmail warning you that space is outrendering Gmail unusable.

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1) Check remaining space

Let’s check it first Google storageshowing via a graph the distribution of storage spaceBetween Gmail, Google Foto e Google Drive.

From this graph it becomes easy to know which service uses the most storage and you can easily free up space from that service. In fact, attachments and larger files that can be deleted from the cloud to recover space to use for photos or emails will be highlighted.

2) Clean suggested items

From the same screen seen in the previous link we can proceed with an initial cleaning of the storage space by analyzing the suggestions seen in the section Clean up suggested items.

To proceed, simply press on Review under each category shown and delete the suggestions, especially if we find the suggestions Large photos and videos, Videos not supported e Recycle Bin Files.

3) Free up space based on the service

Again from the same screen seen in the first chapter we can analyze the space occupied for each individual service by pressing on at the bottom of the page Google PhotoGmail e Google Drive.

In most cases it will be enough to go to Google Photos to free up a large amount of space, even more so if we have already noticed that the space is almost entirely occupied by the photos or videos that we have uploaded from the phone (with the Google Photos app) .

To learn more we can read the guide on how recover space for photos in Google Photos.

4) Delete large attachments in Gmail

In Gmail you can view messages with attachments, both sent and received, by searching for them from the search box at the top by writing has:attachment; then searching with the formula has:attachment larger:10M you will find the list of eemails that have a larger attachment of 10 MB, which will then be deleted using the trash can button.

You can always save the attachments on your computer if you want to keep them. After putting the emails in the trash, remember to empty the Trash section by clicking on the left side (if you don’t see it, press on More) and then clicking on Empty the Trash now at the top to permanently delete them.
The same thing must be done for the Spam section, where you can click the link at the top Delete all spam messages now.

5) Delete large files in Drive

If your Google account’s maximum storage quota has been exhausted by Google Drive, you need to delete large files. For find the files that consume the most Google Drive spaceclick on storage space on the left line, to sort the files by the amount of space they take up.

From here you can eliminate the largest ones that are no longer needed. Also in this case it is necessary to permanently delete them from the recycle bin.

6) Download Gmail messages to an email program

Per download new mail when there is no more space on the account we can also rely on one of the free email programs.

The best program in the category is Thunderbirdwhich allows you to create a backup of all the emails used in your Gmail account and delete them all together, thus recovering a lot of space.

On Thunderbird we can read the guides on how to use Thunderbird come on how to backup IMAP emails.


Google shares space with its services, making it difficult to receive emails if you upload a lot of photos and videos online. If the 15 GB is filled in a short time we look at a Google One subscription or we use one of the tricks seen above, trying to recover as much space as possible.

In another article we also saw how to use the program Mailstore to save emails on your PC and download emails.

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