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Call for free using internet services is absolutely possible even if you have to bear some limitations on the numbers you can contact or you need to use only a few minutes offered by the chosen service. Generally speaking, to call from landline to landline phone, in Italy or abroad, the rates offered for VoIP (Voice Over IP) services are very convenient, that is the telephone service based on the Internet connection. How2do In this guide we have collected all the best services and applications that you can use to make free VOIP calls from the internet, from PC to phone, so you can replace landline calls and contact anyone without even having to get up from your workstation. READ ALSO -> VoIP services to call mobile phones and landline phones from your computer at the lowest prices

Free calling via VOIP: The complete guide

To call for free via the Internet we can take advantage of two types of service: those that offer free calls between subscribers to the service (the simplest and most immediate) or those that offer a real phone number to call numbers from Italy (with some limitations ) and to receive an unlimited number of calls.

VOIP services always free

The most famous service among those that offer VOIP calls without limits but only between subscribers to the service is certainly Skype, which we can download as an app or as a client on PC from the official website.

Microsoft’s service has evolved to such an extent that it also offers video calls and meetings directly within the web browser, without having to download anything to our computer (which is, however, superfluous since Skype is also integrated into Windows 10).
With Skype, we can always call other users who use the same service for free, while to call a landline or mobile phone numbers you need to buy credit or activate a subscription, as seen in our guide. Use Skype as a phone to call and receive. Furthermore, it is also possible to get a Skype phone number to be called on your PC

A good alternative to Skype to make free calls via VOIP is Google Meet, usable from the official website with any browser.
Google Meet

Even if the service is mainly designed for business meetings, nothing prevents you from using it for VOIP calls and video calls: all we have to do is create a new meeting and pass the link of the room created to a person, who can access it with the account Google or without an account (guest mode). Inside the room, we will be able to start a free and unlimited VOIP call or a video call, with higher quality than traditional calls.
To learn more about the use of Google Meet we can continue reading in the guide How to use Google Meet: better features and options to change.

If, on the other hand, we are looking for other services to call for free via the Internet and create meetings with several people via videoconference, we can take a look at our articles Best alternatives to Zoom, free e How to use Jitsi Meet, the free unlimited video conferencing platform.

VOIP services with the real number and free offer

Although there is no shortage of alternatives to Skype, for business use video calling or business meeting services are not always good: it may be necessary to call anyone with a traditional phone number (landline or mobile number) without spending a euro.

The first service we can try to make free VOIP calls from the internet, from PC to phone is Messagenet FreeNumber, available on the official website.

With this service it is possible to quickly create a new landline number from which you can receive unlimited calls from all over Italy, also benefiting from the answering machine and, when we are out of the office, also from call forwarding (to our mobile phone number). Obviously, it is not possible to use it for free to make calls (it requires the payment of a fee or a fee), but it can be a good solution to always be available in the company even without having a landline phone number.

If we want to make free VOIP calls we can take advantage of the service offered by, available from the official website.

This provider offers its VivaVox VOIP service on a free offer for the first 30 days: in addition to being able to receive calls, we can also make them for a limited period of time (up to a maximum of 100 minutes). The limitation is very heavy but we can take advantage of the 100 minutes to call the most trusted customers and to try the service, then cancel before the deadline and switch to a service to receive calls only (such as the one seen above) or one of the videoconferencing services seen in the previous chapter.

Are we looking for a VOIP service to receive and make calls even from abroad? We advise you to try VoipStunt, available from the official website.

With this service, we will be able to combine the qualities of call and video call services (such as Skype) with the qualities of a complete VOIP service, which allows you to call for free directly from the site interface (only a test call) or to call and receive via the dedicated client. The use is not immediate but once configured it will be possible to make free VOIP calls from the internet, from PC to telephone.


With the arrival of the apps for meetings and for meetings, VOIP services are slowly disappearing, but they are still very useful for those who manage the company through direct telephone contacts: with the services we have indicated above it will be possible to always receive calls from the company number and forward them to our personal phone number (when necessary) and also take advantage of the (limited) VOIP services to make test calls or free calls.

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