Free2 Classic: SoundPEATS low cost true wireless earphones official

The still young Chinese producer SoundPEATS begins to make its presence felt in Italy too, which, in the past few hours, has launched a promo launch, on Amazon, for its new pair of cheap wireless earphones, baptized as Free2 Classic.
Free2 Classic: SoundPEATS low cost true wireless earphones official

Active since 2010, the Chinese brand SoundPEATS (owned by Shenzhen SoundSOUL Information Technology Company Limited) announced, with availability already verified on Amazon Italy, at a price of 35.99 euros (discounted for the launch of 10 euros via coupon on the landing page), the new Free2 Classic wireless earphones.

Furnished in black color, SoundPEATS Free2 Classic earphones are light (4.97 grams per unit), and waterproof according to the IPX5 standard, which makes them suitable for sports activities even outdoors, as they are resistant to dust, sweat and raindrops . Of the in-ear type, and therefore with rubber pads that plug the ear cavity, they have – on the final part where the S logo is very elegant – a vaguely triangular shape, to adhere to the hollow of the ear, reclining well for greater firmness , on the other hand made possible by the slight angle between the body of the emission unit and the rubber.

The external surfaces support touch controls, thanks to which it is possible to activate the reference voice assistant, manage calls, or music (pause, start, change track), even adjusting the volume of the incoming audio.

The interior houses 6 mm drivers, ideal for bass, with a contribution to the incoming audio instead offered by the microphones, whose grille not only protects against the infiltration of dust, but also performs the function of preventing the rustle of the wind. , for very crisp and clear calls. The connection with the source, up to 10 meters away, occurs due to the chip that supports Bluetooth 5.1 according to the HFP, AVRCP, A2DP protocols, and the SBC codec (variable bitrate up to 320 kbps).

On the energy side, the SoundPEATS Free2 Classic earphones ensure 8 hours of autonomy, thanks to the 43 mAh microbatteries: once “exhausted”, they can be refilled (completely in 1.5 hours) in the ellipsoidal case. in eco-leather, with metallic finishes and laser engravings for a premium feel that, equipped with a 350 mAh battery (chargeable in 2 hours via Type-C), adds another 22 hours of autonomy.

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