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Android is the open-source operating system, developed by Google, chosen by almost all modern phone manufacturers because it is open source and because it is very reliable, stable, and secure. Unfortunately, even with Android, we can run into problems related to applications and operating system features: out of the blue, we can notice blocks, download blocks, and display error messages that we do not know.In the following guide, we have collected the most frequent problems of Android smartphones, offering valid solutions for each of them, so as to return the smartphone perfectly functional and able to carry out daily operations without problems.
The tips in the following guidelines are suitable for all Android smartphones on the market, regardless of the manufacturer: we can therefore solve the problems found on Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, OnePlus, and any other known manufacturer.

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Google Play errors

It sometimes happens that the Google Play store freezes or prevents the updating and installation of applications or updates. In this case, we always advise you to clear the data and cache and uninstall the Google Play Store update, so as to quickly solve most of the problems related to the store. To proceed, all we have to do is find the Google Play Store app in the path Settings -> App, then proceed with clearing data, cache, and updates.

To learn more, we can also read our guide to solutions for Google Play Store errors.

Insufficient space on the device

Some Android smartphones have a rather limited internal memory, which can be expanded (on some mobile phones) by microSD cards, but still tends to fill up. When the internal memory is almost full the phone can become slow, applications suddenly close and it becomes impossible to install or update apps. In some cases, however, the error of insufficient space occurs even if a fair amount of free memory is indicated in the settings.

The easiest way to free up space is to uninstall unused applications, but this may not be enough. Some apps like Chrome, Facebook, and Spotify store a lot of temporary data in the phone memory which can be automatically deleted by cleaning apps like CCleaner or SD Maid.

To find out how to act on this problem we can also read our guide to solve the problem of insufficient space on Android.

Screen overlay problem

Another problem on Android phones is the overlay of the screen: in practice some apps “overlap” the others and prevent you from carrying out some simple operations on the phone, always showing an annoying and impossible to remove a warning.

This annoying problem can be solved quickly. Go to the Settings> App menu and then look for the specific permissions among which you should find the one called Show above other apps or Move to More apps and check that the app generating the error has this permission enabled.

Install applications without the Google Play Store (Huawei)

Not all applications for Android are published on the Google Play Store, without forgetting that some manufacturers no longer have access to Google services (just think of Huawei phones). In this case, we can solve it by installing the APKs or using alternative stores. To install an app with the APK file you need to authorize the unknown origins in settings -> security; on new phones, the authorization to download the APKs must be provided directly to the browser we use to download the file.
As a valid alternative, we can always have a valid and certified APK store such as APKPure.

To learn more about these two methods, we recommend that you read our guides on How to Download APK files of Android apps e Alternative a Play Store per Scaricare App Android.

Slow phone with applications

Older or cheaper Android smartphones can have slowdown problems often caused by RAM memory filling up quickly, especially when opening multiple apps at the same time. This problem is not easy to solve since inevitably the number of apps installed will increase over time, just as we cannot always give up the most famous and popular apps.

To recover a slow phone, we advise you to read our guides How to manage the apps active in Android, processes, and RAM of the mobile. Have a fast and lag-free Android if your mobile is slow.

The battery runs out quickly

The battery is always the most serious problem for all smartphones. The battery always runs out too quickly because the screens are now very large and bright, because the applications are more and more advanced and complex and because the use of the Internet connection uses a lot of energy.

To try to optimize battery life, it is advisable to take advantage of the energy-saving modes integrated into all phones, as well as apply some valid tricks such as those seen in our guides Extend your Android battery life to the maximum e Android apps to optimize battery and save energy.

The WiFi connection is not working

Sometimes the Android phone’s Wi-Fi connection can get stuck or prevent data exchange, thus preventing the mobile from connecting to the internet even if we have all the wireless signal notches.

To solve all the problems related to Wi-Fi we advise you to focus only on phones that support Wi-Fi at 5 GHz (less interference and more speed) and to apply the advice seen in our guides solutions if the Wi-Fi on Android does not connect to the network or the internet e Android app to boost wireless reception and test Wifi.

Synchronization errors and receiving notifications

It may happen that the synchronization of Google services on the smartphone on the mobile phone is blocked causing the interruption of push notifications or the inability to get new mail messages from Gmail. This problem is temporary, but we risk missing some important emails.

If you are having trouble syncing Android we suggest you read our guide on how to fix sync errors on Android.

In another guide, we also saw the solutions if notifications arrive.

Remove unnecessary and annoying notifications

Each Android app is capable of sending notifications on the top bar, to signal the receipt of a new message or for other types of alerts. Some notifications are permanent and are very annoying, preventing us from immediately focusing on the most important notifications or icons (we will always have to expand the menu to understand what we have received).

To solve the problem of annoying notifications and to personalize them, we invite you to read our guides Block Android notifications or limit them only for some apps e App to customize notifications on Android.

Video and movie playback problems

In some rare cases, we can run into problems with some videos, perhaps because they are available in a particular format that is not compatible with the version of the operating system in use.

On Android, we can view any video using famous video players such as VLC Player, MX Player, as also seen in the guide best apps to watch videos and movies on Android.

Malware e virus

Android is a fairly safe system, but by downloading cracks and tricks to win games or to use free paid apps, or browsing illegal sites, it is easy to come across a virus per Android, mainly designed to compromise the functionality of the mobile phone and steal user data.

If the Android phone is infected with malware, it is always difficult to understand the app that caused the infection: in these cases, it is better to immediately use a specific antivirus for Android, such as those seen in the guide Best free antivirus for Android.
To avoid infections in the future, you should also read our guide How to protect Android from malware and malicious apps, viruses, and spies.

General errors with apps

If any app shows continuous error warnings, the best way to fix the problem is to uninstall this app and reinstall it directly from the Google Play Store or official site (by downloading the latest version APK available).

Understanding generic errors is never easy, for this reason, we invite you to continue reading on our articles fixes for app errors unresponsive, stopped, closed, frozen e
How to use Safe Mode on Android.

The phone no longer starts up

Even when the error is so severe that it prevents the phone or tablet from turning on, we can always do a reset and restore of Android. This is a delicate but not difficult operation, you just need to make sure that the most important files are backed up on the cloud or safely in a synchronized account (such as Google’s).

If the screen is broken but the system works we suggest you read our guides on Android with a broken screen, how to use it or recover data e See the Android screen on the PC and use it.


Problems with Android phones can be solved in the vast majority of cases by carefully reading all the steps described above, where we have tried to collect, in a single guide, all the problems we may encounter. We, therefore, recommend that you save this guide and keep it handy so that you can re-read it at the appropriate time.

Always on a slow or problematic Android theme, we suggest you read our guides Have fast and lag-free Android if your mobile is slow e Optimize slow smartphone or old tablet.


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