From Asus the official Fusion II 300 and 500 gaming headphones

After paying homage to gamers with a special pair of low-latency earphones just about ten days ago, Asus returns to the “crime scene”, also deploying 2 new models of ad hoc headphones, with the different twins Fusion II 300 and 500 from RoG division.
From Asus the official Fusion II 300 and 500 gaming headphones

Always active in the branch of gaming through its division PleaseRepublic of Gamers, il brand taiwanese Asusafter the November launch of the Delta S Animate model, set aside the Cetra True Wireless mid-month low latency earphones, announced new arrivals in its range of headphones per gamerstramite and Fusion II modelswith the iteration 300 destined to arrive in the coming months, as opposed to the variant 500 which, while waiting to appear on Amazon as well, has in the meantime already shown itself on the official store (where it is priced at 219 euros).

Both of Asus’ new headphones, the Fusion II 300 and 500, they share several specifications. First, we start with a aggressive designindeed typical among the products of the sector, with the obvious presence oflighting patented Aura RGBprovided by LED RGBwhich – thanks to the regulations of the software Armory Crate – offer 6 different effectswith the possibility to switch between 16.8 million possible combinations chromatic.

Aesthetics aside, and more substantially, the Asus Fusion II 300 and 500 headphones integrate i proprietary Essense 50mm driversbut not only: gamers will benefit from the support towards the 7.1 channel virtual surroundideal in simulating an immersive sound stage that helps to understand the origin of sounds, and by grafting a Quad DAC ESS 9280renowned for its ability to offer lossless audio processing (loseless) since, in practice, each DAC deals with a sub-branch of audible frequencies (low, medium, high, ultra-high).

In gaming, then, it is important, given the frequent use of chats during multi-player games, too the audio being emitted: in this regard, Asus has provided two elements. First, there are gods microphones with beamforming which, in the intentions of the manufacturer, create a 40 ° acoustic zone near the mouth of the user, focusing the reception on the same, neglecting (filtering) the background noises, moreover also attention by a technology Of AI Noise Cancellation which, trained on 500 million types of noise, identifies and neutralizes these noises with high precision (95%). Plus, by entering the function Game Chatspeaking on cursors placed on pavilionsyou can also adjust differentlyfor the right balance, the volume of the game sound and that of the chat.

The difference between the 300 and 500 models of the Asus RoG Fusion II headphones consists in the fact that the former lack the audio jack, instead present in the latter, which instead share USB Type-A and Type-C connectivity with the former, for compatibility to say the least. not very universal (towards consoles, mobile devices, computers and laptops).

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