Without particular hype, and with a simple press release, DELL however surprised the lovers of productivity on the move with a new 13-inch Latitude notebook and three Precision series mobile workstations.
From DELL new professional laptops in the Precision and Latitude lines

With hybrid work continuing to spread, and professionals who find themselves having to work often even during their journeys between home and office, DELL was ready by announcing a new and compact ultrabook in the Latitude series and fielding well 3 new additions to the Precision mobile workstation series.

The first laptop launched by DELL is the Latitude 9330 (8.3 mm thick by 1.2 kg of weight). Basically it has a QHD + display with 90% screen-to-body according to an aspect ratio of 16:10 which gives more space vertically, and the blur function when someone looks over your shoulder. The webcam is FullHD and has a SafeShutter, a shutter that opens and closes by itself depending on whether or not you are engaged in video calls: the webcam also supports the ExpressSign-in function, thanks to which the device locks when you are moves away and unlocks when approached. The touchpad is also designed for video calls (enhanced if you opt for the options with Wi-Fi 6E and 4 / 5G) since it has 4 virtual buttons to activate or turn off the webcam, do the same with the microphone, start the chat text, record the screen. Under the hood operate, up to the i7, U processors of the 12th gen Intel, together with LPDDR5 RAM (max 32 GB) and M.2 SSD storage (max 1 TB). Thanks to ExpressCharge 2.02 fast charging, the terminal also recovers 80% of energy in 40 minutes.

To celebrate 25 years of its mobile workstation series, DELL announced, in limited quantities in the US. the Precision 5470 25th Anniversary Edition laptop, with a special commemorative engraving and a cobalt blue finish. Finally, again with the intended use of data science, content creation, 3D CAD, and VR / AR, the Precision 7770 and 7670 notebooks, with 17 and 16-inch displays, made their appearance.

The Precision 7770 model (3.01 kg) has a chassis made with bioplastic and recycled carbon fiber, in the Aluminum Titan Gray color. The 17.3 ā€¯screen, resolved at 2160p 120Hz or 1080p 60Hz, achieves 500 nits of brightness thanks to WLEDs. Among the 12th gen Intel CPUs, it can also reach those with 55W of TDP, as in the case of the i9 Alder Lake-HX with vPro while, among the options for the GPU, there are the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX A5500, both from Nvidia with 16 GB dedicated. The storage can reach up to 16 Terabytes, via 4 NVMe slots with PCIe Gen 4 interface while the RAM depends on the type of module: with the CAMM owners it reaches a maximum of 128 GB, with the common SO-DIMMs it stops at 64 GB . Ready for Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6E, this laptop boasts several ports, including the combo jack, a USB 3.2 of 2nd gen, two Thunderbolt 4, as many USB 3.2 of 1st gen, one RJ45, and HDMI ports (2.0 a + 2.1). The battery varies depending on the resolution chosen: the more expensive option has a 93 Wh reserve, while the other uses a large 83 Wh battery.

The Precision 7670 model shares a lot with the 17-inch model, such as easy access storage from below, an IR FHD webcam, two microphones with noise suppression, the clickpad with the option for NFC: the dissipation system, in common, among the various peculiarities, takes advantage of the GORE thermal insulation material, and fans with liquid polymer blades and double opposed output. Having ascertained the similarities also for CPU and GPU, the differences revolve around the 16 “display (choice between OLED from 2400p 60Hz with 400 nits, WLED with 500 nits, 1200p 60Hz with 250 nits), given that the smaller space forces compromises, as in the case of only 3 Slots for M.2 SSDs, for up to 12 TB of storage.


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