From Edifier the premium magneto-planar headphones Stax Spirit 3

Capable of 80 hours of autonomy, and of a very pure and almost distortion-free audio, the new Stax Spirit 3 headphones arrive on the market, which Edifier has created in collaboration with Audeze.
From Edifier the premium magneto-planar headphones Stax Spirit 3

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The Chinese brand Edifier, active in the audio sector, and since 2011 owner of the Japanese Stax, has announced its Stax Spirit S3 wireless magne-planar headphones, priced at 399 dollars / pounds, and is expected to also arrive in Italy, given that Pro Audio International usually takes care of importing Stax brand products for Italy.

The Stax Spirit 3. over-ear headphones are made of lightweight carbon fiber, so as to weigh “only” 329 grams and, for a longer duration, allow the replaceable earpads, covered in leather, with the placement in packaging of a model covered in fabric and therefore cooler (therefore baptized “Ice Feeling”) in the case of long fits. Externally, these headphones entrust control to physical buttons for volume and multi-function, which also allow you to manage calls, music playback, Bluetooth pairing and the voice assistant.

Using the Edifier app it is possible to customize the controls, set a shutdown timer (there are no sensors to turn them off when you take them off and restart them when you put them on), to restore the factory settings. set the low latency mode for gaming and when watching a movie, use the Classic (for the bass), Hi-Fi (for the mids), and Stax (for the high frequencies) presets.

The interior makes use of Audeze technology, which places a thin Uniforce diaphragm between Fluxor magnets, entrusting everything to Faxor phase management, due to which, when they pass through the magnetic structures, the sound waves generated by the diaphragms in question retain ” the temporal details in the recorded signal “, as confirmed by the perception of a cleaner sound with less distortion, so that the low frequencies appear more detailed and the high ones” clearer and more coherent “. In terms of raw numbers, we are talking about 24 Ohm impedance, 10Hz-40KHz frequency response, and 94 ± 3dB SPL sound pressure.

Always in favor of sound, unfortunately lacking the benefits of ANC, the Bluetooth 5.2 connection intervenes which, in addition to supporting the AAC, SBC and aptX codecs (HD and adaptive), allows multi-point connection to two devices at the same time (eg . tel and computer). According to the manufacturer, there is also the Snapdragon Sound certification which promises a CD quality wireless sound (up to 24 bit / 96kHz).

The autonomy of the Stax Spirit 3 headphones is 80 hours, without exaggerating with the volume: thanks to the fast recharge, via Type-C (with attached cable in the package), in 10 minutes of topping up, you get 11 hours of playback.


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