From Lenovo here is the new Yoga 7000 smart projector

In view of the official announcement expected in the coming days, Lenovo has self-spoiled the new Lenovo Yoga, a smart projector with DLP technology and LED lighting system via Osram lamps.
From Lenovo here is the new Yoga 7000 smart projector

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In view of the official launch for the end of the month, at which the relative price and marketing markets will also be unveiled, the Chinese brand Lenovo has unveiled the Yoga 7000 smart projector, conceived in the alternative shades Storm Gray and Sakura White.

The new projector comes with an elongated ellipsoidal frame, with 3D texture and a double-sided design in elegant aerospace-grade aluminum: the automatic shutter is placed on the front. Technically, the new home cinema support is based on DLP projection technology, in this case thanks to a single optical micro mirror DMD (digital micromirror device) of about 1.2 cm, or 0.47 inches.

A smart depth detection mechanism cooperates with the optical zoom, implemented despite the compact size of the projector, so that it is possible to enlarge the images without compromising the relative quality: in this specific case, the brand has provided high resolution images. , also with support for decoding in 8K, from 2,400 Ansi Lumen as peak brightness, thanks to an LED lighting system.

The latter, complied with an array of four Osram lamps, is part of the technical equipment together with the EEP Intelligent Image Quality Engine 2.0, in charge of providing further improvements to the image: there is also a smart system to avoid obstacles and one for align the images. Still from a smart perspective, the Lenovo Yoga 7000 benefits from sensorless dual focus and an intelligent vision protection system.

Moving on to the audio, calibrated by the Danes of Vifa, improved thanks to a proprietary DSP algorithm (i.e. digital signal processing), the latter is supplied by two independent loudspeakers with 10W full-range drivers from rubidium magnets: thanks instead to the support provided for the Bluetooth Audio protocol, it is instead possible to use it without projecting anything, almost like a common external speaker, to mirror the audio from your smartphone, for example.


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