From Xiaomi comes the new Full-Color Laser Theater smart projector

The Xiaomi price list continues to be populated with new products which, after the announcement of several Redmi smartphones with 5G planned for the global market, has brought the new smart FullHD “Full-Color Laser Theater” projector to the internal one.
From Xiaomi comes the new Full-Color Laser Theater smart projector

After unleashing its first curved gaming monitor which, for pricing, appears intended for young people, Xiaomi has ventured again (after what was seen at the end of the year) in the home cinema, through a new smart projector, the Xiaomi Full-Color Laser Theater (in promo at 6,499 yuan. 924 euros, then at 6999 yuan, about 995 euros)) which expands the increasingly extensive range of products (including refrigerators, washing machines and advanced purifiers) of the Chinese brand dedicated to home smartization.

The new Xiaomi Full-Color Laser Theater, compared to some competitors that use a color wheel and a phosphor wheel (e.g. Panasonic’s Solid Shine PT-RZ120), uses an RGB laser light source, i.e. three-color, which avoids the problem of color loss of the other method, managing to guarantee 95% coverage on the recent BT.2020 color gamut established as the standard for ultra-high definition television. In support of this peculiarity, the manufacturer also comes with other improvements to improve what you look at.

It starts with the replacement of the more common DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, with LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) which differs from the first due to the fact that the light, before reflecting on a chip, here passes not through the wheel color but through small liquid crystal panels. The ultra short throw system, then, ensures the ability to obtain images from 60 to 150 inches resolute in FullHD (against the 4K of the Laser Cinema 2 model).

The use of liquid crystals in the LCoC technology leads to the result of improving the transparency of images, which are always very bright, given that the device can go up to 1,400 Ansi Lumen: in case you try to watch sporting events, films action, or gaming, the MEMC technology is useful instead, which inserts simulated intermediate frames, In case you are often dedicated to binge watching, that is to the series marathons consumed episode after episode in a few hours, the buyers of the new Full-color Xiaomi’s Laser Theater will certainly appreciate the low blue light emission certification provided by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS). Last but not least, at least for the visual part, is the fact that there are smart “AiPQ” optimization algorithms that deal with the “rescaling” of the images.

Still in the multimedia field, but moving on to sound, it should be noted how the Xiaomi Full-Color Laser Theater integrates the basic speakers (4, divided between two tweeters and as many full-range) at double frequency, moreover predisposed to support tracks in Dolby and DTS. If desired, thanks to the collaboration with WANOS China, you can also benefit from the simulation of a panoramic sound.

To animate the new Xiaomi Full-Color Laser Theater projector, in order to allow the execution of the MIUI TV firmware, is the Amlogic T982 quadcore processor, assisted by 2 GB of RAM (DDR4) and 16 GB of storage: certify the connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi, even the ports are not lacking, there are also three HDMI with the functions of the 2.1 standard, an RJ45 for Ethernet, a SPDIF, and a USB 3.0.

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