Galaxy Buds, new features based on artificial intelligence are coming

A listen of exceptional quality and highly immersive. This is what it promises new generation of Galaxy BudsSamsung’s wireless earphones that allow you to listen to music or answer phone calls without necessarily having to operate the mobile device to which they are connected.

With the launch of the new Galaxy S24, which strongly benefits from artificial intelligence, the Galaxy Buds series will also be able to guarantee users a series of exclusive advantages never experienced before. Benefits that will arrive shortly through a series of new updates.

To obtain the best possible experiencethe Galaxy Buds will need to be connected to the Galaxy S24, Galaxy Book4 or Samsung TVs.

Galaxy Buds, new features and smoother communications

With the expected updates, the Galaxy Buds will undergo an unprecedented evolution, guaranteeing high-level experiences that will be difficult to compete with. Among the most interesting features is the one called Interpreteroffered by the Galaxy S24 series, which allows smoother communications thanks to the possibility of get a real-time translation.

In order to seize this opportunity it will be necessary pair the earphones with Galaxy S24. The device will isolate specific conversations and transmit real-time translations to the earbuds. In this way you will be able to have interesting exchanges even with those who speak a language different from your own, without the need to resort to other less rapid and more complex methods.

Another important novelty is the Audio function360, which aims to offer better sound quality, especially for those who want to use the Galaxy Buds while watching films and TV series. Audio 360 delivers ambient sound in every direction. The earphones will be able to perceive the movement of the user’s face and to offer them a personalized and extremely engaging experience.

Managing the earphones can be done with just one touch.

Galaxy Buds improves connectivity with updates

Updates coming to Galaxy Buds they will improve connectivity with all Samsung devices.

It will be spread the Auracast function, which allows you to stream the same audio to multiple headphones, even to all Samsung phones and tablets. Previously it was only available for Samsung Smart TVs. To improve communication and listening management, Auto Switchwhich automatically switches the connection of the Galaxy Buds to the smartphone when the call is received, will be spread to all devices and not just the televisions on which it is already present.

All the new features and improvements for the Galaxy Buds series will be gradually available starting from the end of February. In particular, they will involve the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Galaxy Buds2 and Galaxy Buds FE.

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