Galaxy Ring, how Samsung’s smart ring works

Il Samsung Galaxy Ring it is certainly one of the most anticipated devices ever and, after the first images shown during the Galaxy Unpacked Event of a few weeks ago, user hype has skyrocketed, especially because there is still a certain aura of mystery around the project.

A few hours ago, however, some good news arrived for consumers: the smart ring should arrive during 2024 and it could be part of a much more ambitious system than it seems. Here’s what we know.

Samsung Galaxy Ring, what we know

Just in recent days the Samsung Galaxy Ring has returned to the fore and, according to the first rumours, the South Korean giant would have managed to resolve all the doubts in this regard (including those on the dimensions too large) and would be ready to launch this new product.

From what we know the device will be available in three colors: platinum silver, black ceramic e oro. There will be different sizes to fit perfectly in users’ hands and, above all, it will very lightlike a classic ring so to speak.

At the moment the sensors present in the ring have not been disclosed, but the first information speaks of heart rate monitoringfrom the quality of sleepof the blood oxygen levels and other parameters that should be related tophysical activity.

It also seems that the South Korean company has also renewed its partnership with Natural Cycles (which deals with the control of women’s healthbringing its functions also to Galaxy Watch), for this reason it is reasonable to assume that it will also be possible on the Galaxy Ring monitor your menstrual cyclei ovulation periods and so on.

Apart from this, the smart ring is also expected to introduce a new feature called My Vitality Score which takes four factors into consideration: quality of sleep, physical activity, resting heart rate e changes in heart rateto show a sort of generic picture of users’ health conditions on the official application.

The function will also be implemented on Galaxy Watches with one of the next updates so, at least initially, it will be exclusive to Galaxy Rings.

Again according to the first information on the wearable deviceit seems that users will be able to set certain goals health-related and receive updates and tips via Booster Cardwhich should be like a kind of “information folder” that will arrive on the app Galaxy Health before the end of the year.

What future for the Galaxy Ring

According to insiders, Samsung’s smart ring could start a new era for i dispositivi wearable.

It seems, in fact, that the South Korean giant has in mind to build a sort of “ecosystem” between all its devices which, starting from health, can somehow also include all the other needs of users, including smart home management.

The idea behind this innovation should refer to environmental sensing across multiple devices, allowing the creation of a real one device network developed specifically to collect data and synchronize everything with a database where it is present indications on the user’s life a 360°.

An certainly ambitious idea which will necessarily have to include all Samsung-branded smart devices (and perhaps also third-party ones) within the same hub and which could require a significant effort from the technology giant.

However, the company believes it is feasible and the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Ring could mark the very beginning of the project.

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