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Galaxy S24 and Pixel 8, the race for the smartest AI

The discussion onartificial intelligence has now become central for technology companies and the recent presentation event of Google Pixel 8 e Pixel 8 Pro it is the clearest proof of this.

The two new smartphones from Big G, in fact, are considered among the most important “tests of strength” in this sector and it is therefore not surprising that many competing brands have looked precisely in that direction for their future devices.

Among these there is Samsung which, according to some rumours, for his future Galaxy S24 would be working on one brand new artificial intelligence (perhaps) more powerful than that of Google.

Here’s what we know.

Samsung and AI, what do we know

According to what is shared by the site SamMobileSamsung is working on innovative AI-based features that will make the next Galaxy S24 the “smartest AI phones ever”.

Naturally, it is too early to have more information but, from what is said online, the new technologies of the South Korean giant would have drawn from the most recent progress in the field, exploiting what has been done by ChatGPT e Google Bard to give life to a very advanced generative artificial intelligence.

The rumors on the web speak of extremely sophisticated functions that will go from text generation until you get to image generation.

This, according to Samsung’s first confirmations, would be possible both thanks to the new AI models developed by the company and both thanks to the new chip Exynos 2400 which should be fully integrated with these features.

If so too BixbySamsung’s voice assistant, and other applications could benefit from this whole situation, but it is not yet clear how the South Korean giant wants to exploit the potential of its technology.

Furthermore, it is not yet clear whether these AI features will be available integrated into the device or, if as already seen with Pixel 8, they will also call into question the powerful company servers.

According to experts, the future of artificial intelligence lies precisely in an “on-device” system, with all the processes performed on board the device that requests them. Given this, it would not be surprising if the new and top-secret features of the Exynos 2400 processor were specifically designed in this sense.

Among the (few) confirmations available, however, are those that concern the compatibility between Google Assistant powered by Bard with the next devices in the Galaxy S24 series. In fact, according to some recent rumors, after the Pixels with Tensor processor, future Samsungs with Exynos chips will also be able to exploit the potential of Big G’s voice assistant enhanced by AI.

Samsung Exynos 2400: what it will be like

According to what was announced by Samsung, the new Exynos 2400 will guarantee a great CPU improvement (approximately 1.7 times more powerful than the previous model) and an equally important improvement in the chip sections for artificial intelligence (approximately 14.7 times more performing than in the past).

This first information confirms Samsung’s desire to be more competitive on the processor market, in an attempt to challenge the chips of Qualcomm e MediaTek which, at the moment, represent the main players in this sector.

But if the rumors about AI-based features were confirmed, it is clear that the new Exynos could be the “revolution” that Samsung needs to win back users who, since Galaxy S22have many doubts about these chips, especially because of the well-known ones overheating problems.

Problems that, clearly, have been resolved, leading Samsung to relaunch its processor as recently seen on Samsung Galaxy S23 FE and how European consumers will see the future Samsung Galaxy S24.

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