Galaxy S24, Instagram camera accessible from the lock screen

There is still a long time left until the presentation of the next range Galaxy S24 of Samsung but despite this the news continues to follow one another. There is persistent talk about what the technical characteristics could be as well as what the design could be, but no one knows the truth.

During the last hours of yesterday some dummies came out that would represent Samsung products, but today the situation seems to continue with new information. Some news leaked on the web would have revealed that the Galaxy S24 could have one shortcut for Instagram on lock screen.

More precisely, a screenshot of this functionality would have been shared directly on the social network “X”, formerly Twitter. Inside the image, which you can see right below, there is a pop-up message that clearly says that users who own a Samsung Galaxy S24 can activate a direct link to the camera of Instagram from the settings.

Samsung intends to introduce a shortcut to Instagram on the Galaxy S24

Instagram camera shortcut Galaxy S24 Samsung screenshot

From the screenshot leaked over the last few hours on the Internet, it can be seen that there are three options when the message appears. The first offers to try the shortcut, the second leads to other options while the third, with a peremptory “No, thanks”, allows users to refuse the invitation.

At the moment as far as Samsung is concerned, the shortcuts present on the lock screen with the interface One UI they are limited to system applications with very few exceptions. Therefore, when Samsung manages to equip its Galaxy S24 with this innovation, it would truly be a noteworthy situation.

At the moment there is no confirmation from the manufacturing company, which has not leaked anything regarding its next top of the range. New information may arrive over the next few days, especially regarding theartificial intelligence: there are rumors that the Galaxy arriving in January could make this aspect a real strong point.


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