Galaxy Z Fold6, some aspects confirm the existence of an Ultra model

Galaxy Z Fold6, some aspects confirm the existence of an Ultra model

All followers of Samsung who are interested in the great epic that is taking place regarding smartphones foldable, they should keep their antennas up lately. There is more and more news making its way onto the web regarding the next top of the range, the Galaxy Z Fold 6. This is now in the home stretch with the event which, according to what has been reported, should have been scheduled for next July.

Many wonder what it will be like, but the right question should be the following: How many versions will it come in? According to those in the know, who have begun to spread some more news on the web, a version called could arrive Ultra o Slim (unless they are actually two different models). According to the latest rumors, the arrival of this variant is unlikely to happen by the end of 2024. Someone claimed that this model was nothing more than a figment of the imagination of other leakers and insiders but today there is new evidence that practically confirms the existence of the terminal of the Galaxy Fold range.

Does Samsung Galaxy Fold6 Ultra exist? New confirmations are arriving

At the moment we don’t have a precise idea of ​​when it should arrive on the smartphone, as there are only guesses. At the same time it seems that Samsung has decided to develop a product with the model number SM-F958.

This is practically a number very close to that of the next Galaxy Z Fold6, the basic model, the one everyone is used to. The figure is higher within the serial so it is assumed that the model in question is the most advanced of the family.

At the moment this is the greatest evidence we have regarding the probable top of the range product. Samsung may have significantly improved its standout leaflet but we’ll find out about that soon.

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