Gaming and piracy: an increasingly dangerous sector for players

I counterfeit video games they have been one of the favorite carriers for many years cybercriminali. In this regard, apparently, the situation continues to become more and more dangerous for users.

The alarm was raised byEntertainment Software Association, which represents several important software houses involved in the gaming sector. The association in question presented an accurate overview of the area of ​​computer piracy.

The drafted document brought to light a series of sites and services exploited to spread counterfeit software. In addition to the legal aspects, these represent an enormous danger ranging from the most classic malware to tools criptojacking.

The ESA, which represents video game companies including Activision Blizzard, EA, Epic Games, Nintendo, Sony, Square Enix e Ubisofthopes that the interests of its members will be taken into consideration by the American government, and not only that, also with regard to the defense of copyright.

Gaming and piracy is not just a question of illegality

In this regard, the research has brought to light very interesting data.

I illegal download sites they remain a key problem for the video game industry and exist in various forms. In the category cyberlocker are specifically mentioned e The first of these was also the subject of legal action by Nintendo in France.

Megaup has not been sued, but ESA considers the platform and its operations critical situations in this sector. According to the report, in the last year, the estimated number of game downloads is increased by 135%. Although Megaup receives official requests to remove content, most of them are never followed up on. Not only that: according to the ESA, the files that are removed disappear from the platform only with a considerable delay.

The association explains how “Megaup hosts hundreds of unauthorized copies of copyrighted video game titles and has only a 33% response rate to ESA takedown notices“. The statement reads as “Websites that index and manage links to content hosted on Megaup also benefit from the platform’s low compliance rate as these websites get more traffic, and therefore more advertising revenue“.

These sites that serve as a connection between users and counterfeit software also remain a threat and the same goes for platforms that offer illegal torrents. ESA lists,, e like some of the prominent names.

Malware, adware e criptojacking

All without forgetting the problems related to malware. As already mentioned, gaming and piracy are often also linked to computer scams or cases of cybercrime.

Il malware it can also be used to generate revenue. In some cases, bad actors monetize pirated games by installing them automatically cryptocurrency minerwhile not underestimating the phenomenon adwarewhich remains a real problem.

For ESA “Pirated video game distributors often lace their downloads with these various forms of malware to exploit users who download seemingly free games“.

The gaming association hopes that by reporting this set of threats, they will be more considered by law enforcement agencies, politicians and governments of various countries, so that appropriate countermeasures are taken.


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